The Truth About Blogging

I love to write on this blog.


Sometimes it’s weird that I run into people, start telling them some story, and they say ‘oh yeah – I read that already’ — sometimes I feel like I ruin my own great stories because I share them here. But then, quite honestly, the fact that I’m sharing my life with people in such a large way is thrilling. Honestly – thrilling.


I find myself, out and about, thinking ‘oh – that’ll make a good blog post’ and I smile and laugh to myself as I mentally compose my very next entry.


And then, I get home.


And the laundry needs to be tended, the dishwasher loaded/unloaded, the floor swept, the high chair cleaned…on and on the list goes. And the desk and the chair and the computer and the keyboard sit lonely again.


I even have a list in my phone of all the blog entries I want to write.


But I don’t.


Not that I won’t, necessarily, but I don’t. Because it’s a LOT to be a full-time, working, capital M Mom, a friend and a partner and a lover and a community citizen to be proud of…


So, the blog entries go unwritten (and yet the laundry could also go undone, too) and I feel as though here’s just one more thing that I’ve tried to put on my list of things to do, and I don’t accomplish.


The truth about blogging, for me, is that it’s a reprieve. I love sharing my life, with those known and unknown. I like stumbling across new blogs when someone comments on one of my posts. I enjoy building friendships across time and space…and the truth is, it’s hard. It requires time to be a blogger, time that I don’t have sometimes.


I read other people’s blogs and think that they take much better photos, or it’s more clearly organized, or they use a better platform, or at least they blog with far more consistency than I can come up with. And I wonder how.


The truth about blogging is that it channels all sorts of great things for me – but it’s also one more thing to add to the growing list of tasks that I haven’t accomplished by day’s end.


I think I’ve asked this before, but if I haven’t, here goes: give me an app that helps to organize my life! I need one that I can plug in ‘blogging’ as a reminder, that I can add ‘talk to Mom about switching days of babysitting’ with a calendar that shows that I have a hair appointment Thursday at 6 p.m. Does one of the apps on my phone already do this? I don’t want to use multiple apps – I need one.


And this is what my day has come to – searching for an app to run my life.


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