BRUTAL Week Recap

At work, this week was our Deer Widows Weekend.

It’s the biggest event we have of the year and it welcomes our highest volume in shoppers and sales are always strong. It’s something women do year after year. It’s really cool.

But on Wednesday morning, our first run-in with Elle’s puke happened.

All. Over. The. Bed.

Our bed.

I’d gotten her out of bed and she sort of made a gagging reflex, but I didn’t think much of it. We were laying in bed and she was sleeping, I was reading the paper. She woke up at 6 AM and while we were playing, I slipped my finger into her mouth to feel what sort of new-teeth action was going on.

And then, it started.



All over her, her hair, the sheets, the comforter, me. I stuck my hands out trying to catch it, but that didn’t work. (I think that’s also how you know you’re a Mom – your first reflex is catch your kid’s puke).

I didn’t know what to do – how to move from the bed to the bathroom to wash off without ending up with a huge mess.

Strategically, we made it to the shower, where Elle was just a wreck and I was holding her, both of us just trying to get rinsed clean. What a mess.

So, in the meantime it was a Wednesday and a school day for Elle. I call school and cancel her day there. I call my Mom, who has meetings she really shouldn’t miss, so I go to Jon’s parents. Jon’s Mom was awesome and came to our house immediately so I could get ready for work, because I had a big day getting ready for Deer Widows Weekend.

Elle continued to be sick throughout the morning, and I was just overwhelmed, quite honestly, with trying to get ready for the big weekend and be a good Mom.

I had made plans for the weekend because I’d be working so many hours (and Jon is still working 16 hours a day all overnight) for Elle to stay at grandparents houses.

Thursday Elle was with my Mom and still had a touchy stomach – and I headed to work.

And then, about Noon, it felt like a goldfish took up residence in my stomach.

I tried to ignore it.

I tried to battle it down.

But I couldn’t. I left work early, finally, after our all staff meeting.

It was awful.

I laid on the couch at my Mom’s house that night and finally threw up.
Finally. Relief.


Since I had to be on camera at 5 AM Friday, awake by 3:30 AM, I just relaxed.

I was weak during Friday morning. I felt bad. I felt totally icky. But I did ok on TV – the clip was alright. I was live for four segments from 5-7 AM all morning Friday.

Then I made it until 8:30 Friday night after the reception, which I hosted.

And Saturday began early and lasted late.

And so did Sunday.

But I knew it was important to battle through it all.

And today, at work, all of a sudden, it came over me again. The public restrooms weren’t yet unlocked at work and with just three of us in the office, I wasn’t going to be ill in the office, so I high-tailed it home, battling the minutes. I made it JUST in time. And I called back to the office and said “I feel so bad, there’s just no way”.

I’ve spent the remainder of the day on the couch, periodically doing some loads of laundry.

My house is a disaster.

Jon’s Mom, my Mom and my brother and Jon have all had the sickness too.

Just, ugh.

This is brutal.

And, I’ve got to work Thanksgiving day, Friday and Sunday. Ugh. Just ugh.

So ready for this holiday shopping season to be complete!!

2 thoughts on “BRUTAL Week Recap

  1. oh no! Anna and Matt had it too – and it was terrible. we ended up in the ER with Anna for dehydration after 3 days and I don’t wish that nastiness on anyone. Hoping you guys ALL get better soon and are able to enjoy Thanksgiving!

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