At The Big Girl Table

Dropped Elle off this morning to daycare (so I can spend a day doing exactly what I want!) and turned to go to the infant room, where she normally spends Mondays. Except, her name wasn’t on that door. It was on the door for Young Toddlers (normally that’s only Tuesdays). However, today, Young Toddlers it was!


We walk in and she was just taking it all in. We were both thrown off our routine.


And then, the teacher asked her if she wanted breakfast, which all the kids were eating, so they got her some apples and a muffin.


At the big girl table!


She wasn’t in one of those high chair things or strapped in or whatever. She was sitting in a little chair, at a little table, eating muffin, watching the morning cartoon, and nibbling on apples.


It was amazing!


And possessed me all the more to head out shopping for Elle’s Christmas!


I can’t believe she grows up so quickly, but I love when there are tiny little milestones like that!


Enough cataloging, I’m heading shopping, with coffee. I’m going to call all my friends and try to talk on the phone while I’m going. It’s going to be an amazing day!

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