I’m a planner by nature.


With a first birthday party nearly as big as our wedding will be, two huge work events that were pulled off in less than three months of planning and a Thanksgiving where we managed to see all our family’s as well as a Christmas for my Mom’s family here at our house, I truly love planning events and get-togethers.


However, this whole wedding planning thing is a bit much. There are so many details.


And I feel as though I’m getting worse at the details with experience instead of better (or maybe I just take certain things for granted these days?).


Either way – take invitation ordering, for example. To order invitations you need to know some things. Like, you need to know what day you are going to get married.


We took care of that with a quick deposit at the country club.


April 27, here we come!


So, I return to my online wedding invitation ordering place and realize that I now also need to know the TIME of said wedding.


Which sounds easier than it is in reality.


Do you pick a reasonable dinner hour and then plan backward? Do you base it on sunlight so that you get photos at the best time of the day? Do you simply throw all that out and worry about the best time you can possible present to your guests?


I went with option number: none of those…the photographer I think I’m going to hire has a seven-hour option that sounds about right. Which means that if I want all the end-of-evening stuff captured by photographers, I need to plan accordingly. Which really means that I need to be done with all the stuff by like 8 or 9 pm. Which means I need to be done with dinner by 7 pm, so we need to eat by 6 pm, which kind of works. So, now I’m debating about whether to do cocktails before the ceremony (everything’s at the same place) or after the ceremony or do the ceremony first, then just let the party begin. And it wouldn’t matter so much if I didn’t need to actually order an invitation!


And, do I need to order an invitation right now?


Well, play it back. Wedding on April 27, and if you give at least 6-8 weeks, you’re staring at March 1 to mail invites out. Which makes your RSVP date (which you also need to know to have invitations printed) April 1. And you need to have your invites addressed and give yourself time to put it all together. Oh, and not to mention the time it takes once you order them for them to be printed, shipped to your house, etc. And then you have to put them together, address them, etc. So, I really need six weeks before the March 1 deadline, which puts me into early January as an absolute last instant to order invitations.


I’m hoping to make this checked off the list by the end of the week, if possible.


We shall see.


In the meantime, I did commit to a Christmas card, which was remarkable, after having started four different ones on four different sites. I feel ok about them. I liked last year’s much better, but a toddler is significantly hard to photograph when she’s constantly battling to hang on you in some way. So, I feel like I used the best photos that I had and I feel good about that.


Anyway – planning, yes. I like a plan. I love a plan in fact.


But this wedding planning – it’s a beast.



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