Snow Day, 1

It’s my Friday today — and a snow day for the rest of the area.

Sitting in my office trying to find the itinerary for my parents to figure out if they have a chance of making it home through the storm tonight (they might).

I hear, in the other room, my girlie girl playing and all of a sudden some clanking that sounds like…well…no good.

And instead of getting up to investigate, I took a moment and played ‘what is she banging together’ to see how good I am at guessing.

Admittedly not the safest game to play with a toddler, but it worked in my favor this time.

I was half right: a hair brush and a small pan (that she’s swiped from the cupboard).

Now…she’s trying (unsuccessfully) to rip the princess crown cover off the nite light in her room.

So, that’s one minute of my morning…


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