I Can Relate

I laughed out loud at this blog post from Type B Mom Stays Home just now.

I laughed – sort of scared – because about the time Elle turned one – in October – she moved into 12 month clothes. The second pair of 12-month PJs she wore were some two piece blue with monkeys Carters pjs. Cute.

And after the first time wearing them, I find her in the office, a pair of small scissors from my ‘locked’ bathroom drawer on the floor next to her.

“Whew” I think, believing I’d found her just before she’d done anything to herself. Like poke her eye out.

Until after the clothes go through the wash, I’m folding them and realize that there’s a large L-shaped cut in the top.

I pondered if something had gone amiss with the washing machine.

Until I recalled the near-miss on the poking out of the eye.

And it turns out that I wasn’t there in the nick of time. Not at all.


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