She Said Shit

The day has come – Elle said shit.

Yes, she speaks. She speaks a lot, in her own little gibberish way where her lips get wet and shiny and if you do it back at her she seems to understand what you’re saying. She says “Papa” and “Mom” and “Dad” and “Ball” and “wet” and “bath” and “kick” and “pat” and “baba”, among other things.

Now, she also says “Shit”.


One thought on “She Said Shit

  1. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! How old is she now?!? I am SO bad with letting things slip. I say shitballs way too much when disasters happen, I HAVE to stop! She just randomly started saying good girl one day and I thought to myself…oh here it comes…she’s going to repeat something really bad one day soon! We also call her girl parts the medical term for it (the V word) just from working in a hospital that’s what it’s called but if she said that in public people would be thinking we were freaks for letting her know that! I don’t know what to call it though! tee tee? lol

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