Let Me Not Forget

Elle is nearly two years old. Tonight, while putting her to bed, I wanted to be sure to not forget these things…

– The way her arms and hands grab mine and wrap them around her tightly while trying to fall asleep.

– That she calls me “Mumma”

– How she loves to play the harmonica.

– Her love for hide and seek.

– How she is into pushing people – physically and emotionally – at this point in her life. We are working on eliminating the physical pushing.

– How funny she can be.

– The way her little-girl voice sounds in my ear.

– How she says ‘quiet’ as ‘ki-it’ with her little finger up to her lips, shushing.

– The way she pushes her hair from her eyes with her entire palm.

– How she is the ultimate, epic daddy’s girl.

– The way she dances to shows on her iPad – from Sid the Science Kid to Doc McStuffins and Sophia The First, she loves (err, is addicted to) them all.

– The way her short little strides sound running and hiding in the games she plays.

– How she doesn’t ever stop talking much.

Anyway, just  a few things I don’t want to forget.

Man I love this girlie of ours!

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