Dear Elle: You’re Two

Dear Elle,

It’s your birthday, today. Your second birthday. At the same time I can’t believe you’re two already and I can’t believe it’s only been two years since you started our family.

We celebrated your birthday Saturday with family and a few close friends. Drew and Josi came over, the only two small humans at the party and that was perfect. After the chaos of last year’s first birthday extravaganza, I kept it low key and simple. Your Dad is working out of town all but one day a week, so keeping life as simple as possible is important right now. And you enjoyed your party. Mom and Dad got you an inside trampoline, you got lots of SUPER cute clothes, and lots of Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins toys. Absolutely a great day for you. The weather was beautiful and the day was filled with all things toddler tailgate. You and Drew and Josi played so well together. I’m so glad you guys have been buddies since day one.

Anyway, over the last year you have grown into a very opinionated little gal. You know what you want, when you want it. You are all things two. You know all your colors. You love your Papa and Gamma’s. You are just funny. You just crack me up.

You spent the majority of the summer attempting to push your pink Little Tikes car down the cart paths to the water jug on 12 tee. You love to throw rocks in the pond and watch the splash. You are obsessed with babies, very much so. The pictures on the wall at school, babies in real life. You just LOVE babies.

You love to dance and sing. Your little hips shake, your love dance parties on Mom and Dad’s bed, jumping up and down to whatever’s on the Top 40 channel.

You like to play hide and seek…only it’s really just you hiding in the closet in your bedroom.

I believe that you have imaginary friends, but I can’t prove it yet. Or maybe you just talk constantly. Whatever it is, you have a lot to say to anyone who will listen.

This year you wore a pretty dress and watched Mom and Dad get married, in April. Then you were a flower girl in Aunt Jen and Uncle Rick’s wedding in September.

We spent some time upnorth at Clear Lake with Drew and Josi, which was a ton of fun. We had a cousin’s party in August and you were an awful lot of fun then too.

You have learned to say “Go Blue” (it sounds like Go Bwoo) any time there is football on the TV. It doesn’t matter if it’s Michigan or not, it’s always Go Bwoo. And hockey is the same idea – Go Wed Wings is the yell if any hockey comes on the TV.

You love ‘poopah ipad’ which translates as Purple iPad. My iPad is in a pink case and yours is in a purple case. You know that the poopah iPad is yours. It’s sad, but often the first thing you ask for in the morning is poopah iPad.

You also love Sofia the First, Henry Hugglemonster, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, OSO Special Agent, Rollie Pollie Olie and Cat in the Hat, Martha Speaks, Sesame Street and more.

You know lots of birds from spending time with Gamma Karen. You say Chicadee, Cardinal, Bluebird, Hummingbird, Robin. You love birds.

Coloring is also a big deal thing for you. You aren’t that great at keeping the artwork only on paper, but you try. And who can deny you crayons?!

You still spend one day a week with Gamma Wendy and one day a week with Gamma Karen. And three days a week at school. It’s a perfect setup.

Anyway, you’re just great.

It makes me sentimental when I see you stretch in the morning and the bend in your back, the way your belly is stretched out, it reminds me of you as a newborn.

Your little belly laugh is the best sound in the world. And that twinkle in your eye – I just love you.

So, girlie girl, you’re two today. I can’t believe it and I’m so very proud of you.

Mumma sure loves you.



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