Baby Too: Week 6, Day 5

Well, I have now known for over THREE weeks that I’m pregnant. The “Circle of Trust” remains my Mom and two girlfriends. And Jon, of course. And that’s it. Weird.

After the miscarriage earlier this year,  I find myself saying things like “if I’m still pregnant in January” or “welp, I’m still pregnant today”. I am going to try changing my mindset and thought blogging (or at least writing these to publish at a later date might help. That, and I’ve been feeling uber-nauseous lately and I didn’t remember feeling that way when pregnant for Elle, only to go back and read through blog posts tonight and realize how completely queasy I was constantly.

So, here is a weekly update to start things off.

Due Date: June 21 2014*
*Have not been to the doctor to confirm, but my cycle is like clockwork, so I’m pretty sure that’ll be the day.

Baby Developments: Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin. Those little hands and feet- still webbed like paddles- might wiggle by week’s end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours!), and blood is starting to circulate. (From thebump)

Week 6: Baby is the size of a sweet pea.

Week 6: Baby is the size of a sweet pea.

Weight Gain: Fluctuating. At times during the day, I can be at starting weight. At some points, I can be 10 pounds heavier than that. Right now, I’d say I’m about 2-3 pounds gained for real-weight (not water weight).

Cravings: Water. Coolness. Sprite Zero.

Symptoms: Complete queasiness at all times except from about 7:30 am – 10 am. Completely tired and ready for sleep most nights by 8 pm.

I am loving: The difference in Jon this time around, already. He sort of seems to ‘get it’ more I think. Though I do think he forgot how queasy I was the last time (I did too, though) and how tired this being pregnant thing can make you (I did not forget that part). But, I get the sense that Jon’s level of excitement is as high now as it was towards the end of pregnancy with Elle.

Sleep: Had two weird dreams last night. One that I quit my job, not because I was mad, but just because I was done working. To the point that I wondered when I woke up this morning if I had a job to go to. Also had a dream that the old swimming coach from Alma College pierced my ears so that I could have two holes in both ears. He did it with a sewing needle. Bizarre. But, sleep is ok. I get up pretty often to pee and Elle wakes up at least once a night still.

I miss: Not holding back – I wish that I felt more comfortable talking about being pregnant. We were at Jon’s cousins wedding this weekend and were with his brother and sister-in-law the entire weekend and we didn’t tell them. I am just not comfortable yet. Though this pregnancy already feels different than the last one when I miscarried, I’m still just anxious. We haven’t told Jon’s parents either. I wanted to say so last night when I was having dinner with them (Jon is working out of town) but I didn’t think that was fair to Jon. So, I miss being able to have everyone share in this excitement, but also feel like if I can just make it past that eight week mark, I’ll be more comfortable telling our very close family.

I am looking forward to: The first doctor’s appointment. The intake appointment isn’t until Nov. 25 and the first appointment won’t be until well after that, so I’ll likely be on the cusp of the second trimester by the time I see the doctor and an ultrasound. I really am looking forward to the heartbeat part of that ultrasound.

I am spazzing about: Just work-related stuff. It is our busiest time of the year at work and my signature event, Deer Widows Weekend, is in two weeks. Plus, I’m on the board at our country club and I’m launching a new point of sale system in two days. I’m slightly overwhelmed with it all. Which is manifesting itself as a very itchy scalp. Sa-weet.

Best moment of the week: Enjoying two nights in a row with Jon while at Laurie and Daniel’s wedding. Him working out of town for the last two months has been un-fun.

Milestones: None.

Movement: None from baby and none from me. Well, a few walks here and there but nothing notable. If I could stay up past 8 pm it might help.

It’s a….: baby.

Exercise: Not much.

Diet: Eating the same ol’ stuff I always do.

Goals for the upcoming week: Choose light fixtures for the outside of our house (we’re in the midst of a pretty big facelift to the house). Go to Bronner’s for the Department 56 event this weekend. Make smoothies at home in my new Ninja blender.

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