The New Car Search

Jon and I have been talking for awhile about the need for me to get a new car.

Well, wait.

I’ve been talking about how I want to drive a bigger car, because with two kiddos and a life to lead, I can’t handle my Saturn Vue as my mode of transportation anymore.

I talked about buying a used SUV. Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon. Our friends Frank and Andrea have a Yukon Denali XL and that’s what I wanted. I was going to look for a new-to-me one (aka used). That’s been the plan in my head.

Then, today I went to test drive a Dodge Durango on my lunch hour. My Mom got a Dodge Dart awhile back and it’s awesome. So, it occurred to me that since I REALLY wanted a third row in my new vehicle, I could look at the Durango.

And I liked the Durango.

Except, the second row is a standard bench seat. And when you get in and out of it, the back of your pants brushes on the side of the car, so you always have that annoying dirt spot on the back of your work pants.

I liked the Durango.

But with those two things, the fact that they wouldn’t give me more than what I owed on my Vue and that I don’t get any discounts on the vehicle, we looked at leasing. That, and they didn’t have the color I wanted (black). So – I made a call to our neighbor who works at the Chevrolet dealership owned by some people who are also members at the golf course.

I told Dick that I wanted to drive something with third row seating, like a Tahoe or something. He says “But a Traverse is a MUCH better deal – that’s what you want to drive”. And, I would have believed him to be just selling me crap. Except that Jon had pretty much said the same thing to me.

The Durango really only had six-person seating. I really wanted seven. The Traverse comes with everything I want and I can BUY it outright – which was the whole point that Jon and I wanted to get away from having two car payments at the same time (we each bought our cars within a few months of each other and we’re staring down our final nine payments right now).

BUT – my mother-in-law drives a Traverse.

We’re going to have twin cars…I suppose since it’s a GOOD CAR with EVERYTHING I WANT (dual sunroofs, heated seats, heated steering wheel, 7 passenger seating, navigation system, the mirror alert system, in black with black leather interior) I can’t care.


We located a car, for the right price, with all the amenities I wanted. Only thing, it was at a different dealership. So, anyway, I got the call tonight that we’re getting the car.

So, tomorrow I’ll have a new ride. 2014 I’ll be bumming around town in my new ride. It will not be the Tahoe/Yukon of my dreams. It will, however, be incredibly warm in the winter and COOL in the summer…oh yeah, did I mention it has cooled seats, too?!



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