Girls Weekend on the Horizon

Ahh, with one vacation springing up unexpectedly, it’s been nice to have been looking forward to getting away with my bestie Andrea.

I had purchased at an incredible price a two night stay at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa through a silent auction for an organization I work with – and for Christmas Andrea and I decided we’d plan a girls trip. We’ve both sort of struggled with whether it should be just us or we invite other people, but in the end we opted that just the two of us head to Traverse City. Having just had to go there for work, I scoped it out and am looking forward to the boutique browsing/shopping, meals out at some great places, maybe a pedicure or massage, maybe heading to the wineries (she’ll be able to imbibe while I’ll drive…but I like the shopping and I can always handle re-stocking the wine shelf!).

Anyway, even if all we do is linger over meals longer than normal, walk slowly and only worry about ourselves for a two night stay, I’m ok with it. The entire point is to get away without our kids.

We both love our kiddos immensely…but I’m very much looking forward, after this long winter, to just relaxing and seeing what happens. We’ll probably hit up the casino (I mean, why not?!) and do whatever tickles our fancy. Perhaps we’ll take our time getting to the resort and stop along the way, or just hop in the car and see where we go on Saturday for the day, or maybe take our time getting home. Who knows. Whatever we want to do, that’s what we’ll do. We won’t be changing diapers or worrying about all the ways we’re trying to wrangle our kids…we’ll just be us for a few hours of the day.

What a fan-freaking-tastic proposition!!!

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