21 Weeks, 6 Days


Well, I’m very nearly recovered from the big “Reveal” party last weekend. Nearly. And then I had a big work meeting this past week that I worked relatively hard putting together. Pair that all with finishing up my MBA last Sunday, and it’s sort of been a whirlwind lately. That, and finding out that SHE’S A GIRL! Still can’t believe it, really.

I mean, how CUTE is she? I feel like she looks like Jon in this picture. Which is really an odd, odd thing to say. But…

The ultrasound itself took almost an HOUR. Thought that was weird. I didn’t anticipate that it would take that long for some reason. I had gone not knowing whether to pee or not, so I had a pretty full bladder when it started. We got a few of the necessary pictures and she was in a really good position to get some measurements, so we did that. Then, the ultrasound tech woman (who I enjoyed) had me go to the bathroom. I had told her the big plans for the gender “Reveal” party the following day and she was bound and determined to figure out if the mini was a BOY or a GIRL. But mini was bound and determined to keep legs crossed. The tech kept using the wand thing to ‘rattle’ my tummy, which was weird, but it was also weird to watch the screen and see how the mini responded to all of this.

The tech asked if I had had any dreams about whether it was a boy or girl. I said that initially I had a SUPER vivid dream that it was a girl and her name was Braley. Then, I had that weird-ass dream a few weeks ago about how the baby boy told me he was sent by the devil to conquer the world and Angelina Jolie and Tom Hanks saved the day (for the record, Tom Hanks shows up in my dreams in the weirdest places…a story for another time, though). So, she said that 95% of the time, if the Mom dreamed of a specific gender, that’s typically what it is. I feel like that diagnosis method is about as accurate as the string thing or the Chinese gender calendar. But, at this point, I had clued the tech into my plans for the party and she really REALLY wanted to make sure I knew without a shadow of a doubt if it was a boy or girl kind of baby.

I went to the bathroom, the baby somehow managed to flip completely over without me knowing it while I was peeing, but kept legs closed. Of course. Stubborn like her father. Sweet. Looking forward to THAT.

But, after poking and prodding and getting all of the measurements necessary for the doctors to make sure all was well, after seeing the proper kinds of blood going into and out of the four chambers of the heart, seeing the dots of the spine, ten fingers and ten toes, two arms and two legs and all the parts that were supposed to be inside skin INSIDE and all the outside parts OUTSIDE, I was really relieved to know all was well in there.

And then, though the tech had told me she THOUGHT it was a girl, but couldn’t get the picture proof to be sure because the baby wouldn’t open its legs, finally, finally she hit print and handed me the two pictures that showed three lines…that’s the vagina evidently. Three arrows pointing and the “ITS A GIRL” typed out in bold print.

“No way!” I said. I thought for sure, somehow someway, it’d end up she was a boy. EVERYONE I knew thought I was having a boy. I wanted her to be a girl if for no other reason than to prove everyone wrong…I thought that was a good way to start people’s perceptions of you. And, she did it.

I have to say, I was a little emotional about having a girl. I mean, I have SUCH a great relationship with my Mom and I am so looking forward to that with my daughter (weird!). I was the oldest grandchild in all my families and was a girl and I have really, really great memories of my childhood and life and I’m SO SO thankful that my daughter will get to have those same type of experiences in her life. I feel like we have these things in common already and I’m so looking forward to all the ways that our relationship will be alike and not like the one my Mom and I share. I am so excited to make our own way in the world.

Jon, well, I think he thought she’d be a boy. He’s coming to embrace the thought of having a girl…it helped that the other day at Rick & Jen’s housewarming that his friend Ryan has a 5 year old daughter, Rylie. I think he realized how it can be, but he hasn’t known a lot of little girls in his life (JOn, that is). So, he actually has begun to refer to her as a her/she and not an it…which is a big step for someone who takes awhile to process, well, anything.

I’m excited to download and share the pictures from the Reveal party but need to do that later.