Mom Crawls

So, this just happened…

Elle is napping (like a champ since we got her on the mend now…). And while she naps, I’m cleaning the house, showering and getting ready to attend Holden’s first birthday party later this afternoon (Elle’s going too).

I go to dry my hair and have decided that the last time I got compliments on my hair, I dried it with the round brush (which makes my arms hurt and I’m no good at it and it takes For.Ev.Er. BUT – I want my hair to look its finest. For whatever reason.

So, I go to the bathroom drawer and pull out…four hairbrushes that I put back into the drawer about five times per day (Elle’s on a hair brush kick and an emptying-everything-from-a-drawer kick too). But, no round brush.

Think, brain. Where is the round brush?

Ah, yes.

In my mind, I see it.

Laying in the middle of the floor of Elle’s bedroom.

(Told you she’s on a hair brush kick).

The bedroom where that girlie girl is napping.


I do what any mother would do…

Put on my softest slippers (damning our hard wood floors the entire time) and head toward her barely-open-a-crack door.

It sticks, and knowing this I try to do a shimmy/jimmy lift thing.

It fails.

The door makes a loud creak.

I stop, fearful.

Will she wake up and pop her head over the edge of the crib?

No! I need more time.

So, I quickly close the door back again and drop onto all fours outside the door, waiting anxiously.

I hear the sound of her sucking on her pacifier, hope that she doesn’t wake further.

But I NEED beautiful, lustrous hair. And the only way to get it is with the brush that is JUST beyond my grasp inside that room.

So, I decide to try once more. Evidently the risk being worth it…

I open the door, and I gingerly continue on all fours (less of a chance I’m spotted that way). I reach for the brush. I’m not close enough. I will my arm to grow a half inch – and somehow, it does (or I pulled a muscle in my side while I stretched for it).

I’ve got it!

So, I won that mild battle and headed for the hair dryer…only to realize that it really does hurt my arms to use that stupid round brush and it’s taking forever and I don’t have that kind of time, dammit, so I give up and go to the hairdryer-roundbrush all-in-one that was safely in the cupboard the whole time.

And, in the end, I’m having a moderately good hair day.

But I had to pull a muscle to get there…


Ahh, motherhood!


Found Musings: On Death and Dying

I’m in the process of cleaning out notes and wrapping up loose ends for my current job and stumbled across this from sometime in 2008 or 2009 – need to slap a datemark on things I jot down… (I’ve included the original text in addition to the scan):

“The day her skirt fell around her ankles in the baking aisle of Arnie’s craft shop in Houghton Lake, she chose not to cry. She would not cry to me for three more years, on the Sunday afternoon she told me she was dying. My sobbing drowned out only by hers. And five weeks later, I could only howl when the news came that she’d died 20 minutes earlier.
She laughed – a lot. With her whole body, her head thrown back in sheer enjoyment of who and where she was.”

Thought I’d share it – wish I could get the inspiration to write like that again from time to time. Just haven’t had the time to get inspired lately.

Anyway, thought I’d share.


It’s Coming: Day in the Life Winter 2012

Hi guys.

My most popular post (most views ever in the history of my blog) came when I did a “Day in the Life” as hosted by “Navigating the Mothership“. Loved it and am going to do it again — and I’m inviting you to do it too.

Here are the rules/info for my fellow bloggers. Either way, it’s pretty cool to take a look at what’s going on in other people’s lives and appreciate the mundane and ridiculous of our lives in this huge melting pot.

You just have to pick a day between now and next week and share the link with Navigating the Mothership.

Do it – it’s pretty cool, and I always like an excuse to write!



Just Write: Tuesday Morning

{This post is inspired by The Extraordinary Ordinary at the Just Write project. I hope you explore and enjoy!}

It’s been three weeks and three days and one hour and three minutes since my world changed incredibly.

She was born three weeks, three days, one hour and three minutes ago. I do the math quickly as I press my phone into action, wondering how long I’ve been laying in bed with her cuddled to my chest. Thirty minutes. Ok, this isn’t working.

But I’m in bed.

Dad – her Dad. Text him downstairs.

Will you come get her?

He’s there, quickly, takes her lovingly.

It makes my heart bigger watching the way that he loves her.

And then, I’m asleep.

I need sleep.

Forget the guilt of stopping/quitting/ending breastfeeding.

Forget the way her warm little head feels cuddled to my chest – for now.



I wake startled and it’s 4:01 a.m.

Six hours? Six hours. Six hours!

My mind races – is Jon upset that I slept so long? Has my baby needed her Mom and I’ve slept through it? Why has Jon let me sleep so long?

Downstairs and they’re both awake, having a 4 a.m. snack.

Aren’t you coming to bed? Have you slept? Do you want me to take her? You let me sleep for six hours straight…that hasn’t happened for me since before October 13.


Thank you.

Walking back to bed, I smell her forehead, and touch her ears. I hold her close to me and cuddle my girl. I have to be awake in two hours and today, this moment, this morning, I love 4 a.m. in a way I haven’t before in my life.

Just Write: October 11, 2011

~~This post comes courtesy of the Just Write project from The Extraordinary Ordinary. Thanks for the motivation!~~

The sunroof is open in the black 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee I’m driving today.

I’ve got the windows down, too. It’s 80 degrees in mid-Michigan today and I’m loving it. I’m even sweating a little bit.

I find my thoughts wandering to the state of the color change happening to the trees around me, reflect on my final days as Lindsay, when I’m no one’s Mom-with-a-capital-m.

I feel the spreading smile across my face, remembering Jon and I watching yesterday as a yellow and burgundy tree literally shed its leaves as we pulled out from our driveway.

I had noticed the wholesale emptying of the branches and was contemplating the why and the how of the beauty of Mother Nature, my day with Jon and our ability to share quality time with his parents ahead of our own becoming parents deadline.

And Jon commented, “Did that tree just decide RIGHT NOW to get rid of all its leaves?”

One minute, the tree was still in its color change and the next, it was changed.

And we served witness.

It was the sharing of the moment, the sun shining on us, that gave me pause. It was a fleeting moment when our minds and bodies were in the EXACT same moment.

And I thrive on that – and savor it – knowing that it’s the little moments, not the big ones, that are making up our life together.

A Day in the Life: October 8

Well, this is my first time ever posting a “Day in the Life” as challenged by a fellow blogger over at Navigating the Mothership. I’m actually a day beyond the challenge, but I really wanted to capture a day in my life RIGHT BEFORE BABY arrives, so I’m hoping my capturing yesterday (Saturday) will work out alright.

4:07 a.m.: Here’s what I stared down, crawling back into bed after using the bathroom for the THIRD time since midnight. Seriously, this baby girl better be coming soon, I can’t handle the all night bathroom runs.

You can see my iPad laying next to me. No TV in the bedroom, so I take the iPad to bed with me while Jon’s out of town so I have something noisy to help me drift off to sleep.

6:37 a.m.: Decide that reading the facebook updates, NYTimes headlines and CNN headlines and trying to figure out what’s going on with Occupy Wall Street stuff is better left to do when wider awake. Play a few games of Sudoku on the iPad. I’ve now been up for two and a half hours and am not tired. Awesome.

8:36 a.m.: Wake up without an alarm and check the time. Check the photo I just took and realize I need new bedside lamps in our room and I need another bedside table for ‘my’ side of the bed. Start a list of things to shop for on the day.

I decide that shopping can wait as I’m enjoying my laziness and know my days are numbered when this laying in bed reading is a luxury I can afford…so I read “Mother Shock: Loving Every (Other) Minute of It” which was referred to me by a co-worker on Friday and I downloaded to the Kindle for iPad app. I’m really enjoying the read so far. I switch back and forth between that book and “When Did I Get Like This?” referred on another blog I was reading (sorry, can’t remember which clever fellow blogger recommended that one…I’ll do better remembering and keeping track next time!).

10:07: Decide my eyes are tired from reading, remember that I’ve been meaning to delete some photos off the iPad for awhile and set to figuring out how to do that to free up some space for other stuff (pics of my uber-cute baby girl who should arrive any day now!!).

My Mom calls and wants to know if I want to errand shop with her and I tell her that I have my list made for the day, and I don’t want to be gone all day long. Neither does she. My Dad is out golfing (did I mention they only live nine houses down the golf course from us?) and my brother is odds-on still sleeping after a late night at the fraternity fundraiser thing (I think). She says she’ll pick me up at about 11 a.m. Time for me to mosey on out of bed.

10:25: Head for the kitchen to make breakfast while the shower warms up (yes, I’m wasting water, but whatev’s). Grab for the Raisin Bran but think better of adding any more fiber into my body as I ate AN ENTIRE BOX of Frosted Mini Wheats over the course of the day Friday. So, I opt for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and pour on the milk.

10:30: Shower time and get ready for the day. I change outfits a few times looking for the most flattering option. HA.

10:56: Walk by the office and realize I REALLY need to clean it before Jon gets home Sunday. Add that to the list of things to accomplish.

10:57: Final picture before heading out. Feel like I”m having a good hair day after getting my hair cut earlier this week. Still haven’t washed it since the color/cut (the woman who cut my hair recommended not washing it as much as possible…awesome, that’s a low-maintenance new mom hairstyle if ever I heard one!)

Take one side view of the preggo belly, technically at about 39ish weeks.

Notice the shower door in the background – this is why “The Works” is on my shopping list. Have to do something about the soap scum that has existed there for far too long. Don’t judge me and my cleanliness nor the blue countertops in our master bath. If you really love them, you’d especially love the shit-brown carpet.

See the red hangy thing from L.L. Bean on the towel rack on the right of the photo? That’s my ‘go bag’ for when I head to the hospital. Packed and ready to go, you see.

11:15 a.m.: Mom comes over and carries my laundry basket upstairs and I finish folding laundry and moving it through the ‘system’. We head out in my Dad’s truck (it’s going to be a quick shopping day, remember, but I am shopping for a nightstand).

My Mom – she says ‘you’re not going to take my picture all day long, are you?’ as I explain to her I’m cataloging a day in my life. I assure her I won’t take pictures of ONLY her. In fact, this may be the only one I got.

We decide to head to Value City Furniture first.

11:40 a.m.: We waltz through the furniture store and we decide to walk up and down every aisle (again, it’s going to be a quick shopping day). I find the dining room table and sideboard that I LOVE. It’s sort of an updated old fashioned.I didn’t know if it was against the VC Furniture rules to take photos, so I didn’t get a great picture…but still. I have this for my memory.

11:45 a.m.: Run into Shirley, Andrea’s Mom, in one of the aisle’s with one of her friends. They are shopping for new chairs for Shirley’s friend (whose name escapes me at the moment). But, we chat for a minute about how I’m so close to having the baby, etc. We part ways and continue up and down the aisles. In the mean time I text Andrea to let her know we ran into her Mom and to let her know that I sent her the photos I took of them.

Ends up they didn’t come through to her email because they were too big, so I posted them on my blog  Sunday instead. We text back and forth for a minute about what we’re doing, etc. Nothing too interesting.

Shirley mentions as we’re talking that they had just come from Lovegood’s furniture down the road in Fenton, so my Mom says ‘oooh, we should go there to look for your nightstand’.

12:00 p.m.: Leave the furniture store and head down the road to Fenton. As we’re on our way we decide to have lunch at a favorite spot, The French Laundry. It’s a ambiance-heavy spot in downtown Fenton.

12:10 p.m.: Mention to my Mom that “The Weed Lady” is on the left hand side. She mentions she’s never been to that store, so we pull in. While overpriced, it’s a cool little place with awesome landscaping. I take a picture.

The water feature here is just awesome and since we have a pond that will require some TLC next summer, we debate if this would work – or something like it – in the backyard pond.

Did I mention that it’s a GORGEOUS day and is about 80 degrees in mid-Michigan? It is. Crazy for October.

12:25: Hit up Lovegood’s. Definitely a good place to remember to come back to. Find a few pieces that I think would look great in my house so I snap a few pictures for inspiration.

I don’t know if this green color is going to be popular or is on its way out of popularity, but I really liked it in this setting with the white cottage-y table and shelving, with the blue/gray walls and the cool white/navy chair. The mirror even tickled my fancy. So, I think this is pretty inspirational.

Notice how in the green dining room chairs that they have the cut out so you can sweep your feet back under them? That whole set is just really well thought out. Place into memory bank that I need $1900 for that set if that’s what I want. Ugh. Why can’t everything be Ikea-cheap but not all as modern as Ikea?

Have to use the bathroom for the who knows how many-ith time. I ask the woman at the ice cream counter (yes, there’s an ice cream counter in this furniture store…don’t ask me!) if she point me toward the bathroom. You’ve all seen how my belly sticks out. She looks me up and down and says “I don’t know if we’re supposed to let anyone use it today.”

I was annoyed but tried not to let it show. Her fellow co-worker looked confused and just pointed me back toward the back of the store. Was it because I wasn’t wearing a wedding ring in this uber-Christian store (they also sell bibles and have bible verses on the windows of their store). I guess I should have taken a few pictures here, because I’m making it sound weird-trashy but it’s really not. It was just bizarre.

1:10 p.m.: Head to The French Laundry and put our names on the list. They tell us it will be 20-25 minutes, so my Mom and I decide we are going to head down to the Iron Grate for some quick shopping. I’m on timing-duty so we’re back within the 20-25 minute window. We find some cute things and my Mom picks up a gift and I pick up a card for a friend, Katie, who just had her second baby girl. The Iron Grate is super cool and as we’re checking out to make it back within the 20 minute window, the sales clerk mentions the upstairs. I didn’t KNOW there was an upstairs in the Iron Grate! So, we decide we’ll come back AFTER lunch.

1:30 p.m.: We have missed our calling at The Laundry and I have to get a little stern with the hostess. She says they’ll get us a table. I feel like people aren’t being sympathetic enough to my pregnant state. I feel weirdly PMS-ey for some reason.

1:37 p.m.: We get seated! Yeah!

Oh yeah, I changed my clothes from the pictures I took in the mirror after my shower.

We order – me a Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Greece and my Mom a Georgia Reuben (I think) with the old kind of pickle.

2:07 p.m.: We are STARVING. Our food still has not come. And while not known for its quickness (it’s food is home made, not like Applebee’s or Chilis style) this has now gotten excessive. We finally get our food and I dig in before taking a picture. But, I did manage to get a picture…

Grilled pita with tzatziki and hummus, grilled chicken breast, tomato, cucumber and red onion with a pickle on the side. It was DELICIOUS. My new favorite.

Here’s my Mom’s sandwich. Looks like a kitchen-sink style sandwich, but I assure you it was also delicious (or so she said).

As we sit at lunch, I get a text from my Aunt Jill wondering if I’m having the baby.


2:40 p.m.: We are done with lunch and need to do some final shopping wrap up at Iron Grate and Mimi and Lola’s in Fenton. In the meantime, I had texted my Aunt Lori to see if she wanted to join us for lunch. She said that she was actually working over at their house and if we would, to stop by. So, we make a plan that we’ll head there after lunch (and some additional shopping).

In the meantime, my Mom treated me to lunch but let me get the Supper Club points on my French Laundry rewards card. Annnnndddd….I managed to get my first reward…I reached 250 points, which means I got a $10 gift card! How freaking awesome. I took a picture just because.

Find a SUPER cute trinket gift for a friend at Mimi & Lola’s as well as a cute hat/prop for our Minnie girl.

Find some more cute stuff at the Iron Grate, but I was getting shopped out at this point and needed a break. It was cool stuff they had in the upstairs, but I was ready to go.

3:15 p.m.: On our way to Aunt Lori’s. It’s 4 miles from where we’re shopping, so we go there. It’s a house that they bought and have completely gutted and re-done. My Grandma is there too and my Uncle Kim is just enjoying a beer as they sit on the deck overlooking the water.

This is the view from their new deck (composite). They live right near the entrance to the lake from this canal/channel thing. My cousin Matt, their son who is two years younger than me, lives next door. He just got engaged to Meaghan on Tuesday (yeah!) but they were both out of town, so didn’t get to see the ring up close and personal. It was a beautiful day and I’m really glad that we got the chance to spend some more time with my Aunt Lori before her stem cell transplant begins. It was slated to start this past Friday, but due to a cold that came on Tuesday morning, it is pushed back to this Friday when she’ll begin the arduous process. So, anyway, I was glad to spend some quality time with her.

5:30 p.m.: We finally hit the road to Babies R Us, where I have remembered the gift cards to make some final purchases and feel better prepared. The closer I get the more I worry I don’t have all the things I”ll need for our Minnie girl. I need to stop shopping. But, get the stroller attachment for our City Elite stroller, some receiving blankets that I decided I needed, and the extra parts for the breast pump.

In the meantime, I have also stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and get Buy one, get one 1/2 off on yarns that I needed and get 60% off a frame I needed. So, that was a good deal.

6:38 p.m.: Talk to Jon as I’m checking out of Babies R Us. He is back to the hotel for the night.

7 p.m.: My Mom wants to make sure we drop off her donations to the Salvation Army TODAY. So, we swing through and make the drop off.

At this point, I’m tired, but the man helping my Mom is very friendly. I don’t get out of the truck because, frankly, I’m nine months pregnant and don’t feel like hauling the bags and bags of stuff out of the back of the truck.

We are now heading toward home after our VERY QUICK shopping spree (remember, this started out as a quick shopping adventure that morphed into…well, a full day of out on the town).

7:40 p.m.: I’m home again, home again, jiggity jog. Thank GOD! I’m ready to turn on the TV, sit on the couch and crochet with my new yarn and watch a little Detroit Tigers action in the ALCS.

Light a candle (something fig from Pottery Barn, it smells SO good).


7:50 p.m.: Realize I’m hungry for some sort of snack. So, I make myself a yogurt parfait with vanilla yogurt, strawberries and granola. I love the Bear Naked maple pecan granola.

Wish a little bit that Jon was home so I wasn’t home alone. Again. Tonight. But, look forward to him coming home Sunday night!!! Even if it is only for one night/20 hours. I’m just ready for him to be here.

8:31 p.m.: My back is throbbing, so I pop the thing that makes it not do that anymore into the microwave and sit down to watch a little TV again.

Someone once told me to put a cup of water in with it, so I do. I don’t know if that’s even right or not…but…I do it anyway.

9:50 p.m.: Take a picture of myself crocheting with my new stuff. I end up staying up for another hour before I head to bed with the iPad as company again.

Not a wholly eventful day, but just another example of how the best laid plans result in a day of lovely shopping with your Mom and visiting with your family.

Just Write…

I’ve come across some really GREAT blogs by women writers. Or, rather, women. Who happen to write.

Like here at The Big Piece of Cake.

Or, here at the Extraordinary Ordinary. (This is where I found the “Just Write” concept and fell in love with the momentum of it immediately).

And this aggregate site of blogs and info is TOO COOL.

And with that, I just used the word aggregate in a non-academic, not work-related way.

The thing is, I’m finding all these other women writers so empowering. I like knowing they’re out there, and that I’m ‘out there’ with them.

They make me want to write the blog post about the conversations Molly and I have had since she’s had her baby 13 days ago and I’m about 13 days from having my own Minnie.

Molly asked me the other day, sitting in her house as she pumped and breastfed for the umpteenth time in the day, after ANOTHER 23 minute conversation with the lactation consultant. She asked “Why does no one ever tell you what labor is really like?”

And the conversation ensued.

Mainly, she wanted to know how anyone describes the pain of childbirth as indescribable. She says she’s pretty sure she could describe it. (I’ll let it slide for now that she hasn’t, since I don’t really need the nitty gritty details of it anyway).

Then she asked if any of the books I’d read said that when you are pushing your child out it feels like you’re pooping. And why doesn’t it, she wondered. Because, that’s what it feels like, she says.

So, I’ve re-told this story to all the women I’ve come across in the meantime.


They all agree.

So what the heck? Why don’t the damn books just SAY that? That that is the sensation you’re going to have?

Molly texted me today, chalking yet another one up to things no one ever tells you about having a baby.

Evidently the umbilical cord smells like garbage as its getting ready to fall off.

Again, not something they tell you in the books. Like, if you smell garbage and you’ve changed the baby’s clothes and diaper and given the baby a bath…it’s a sure bet the umbilical cord is rotting off of your brand new, clean baby.


But, good to know.



I think we’ve settled on a name for our Minnie.

And no, it’s not Minnie.

But I’m also not putting it out there yet.

I like that we’ve agreed on it and yet, we’re keeping it to us. I’ve thrown it out there a few different times to different people…but Jon and I are in agreement.


The neighbor, Michael, has mowed his lawn again today. I swear that’s twice in the last three days.

Keeping up with the neighbors in lawn-mowing efficiency is tough stuff when Michael makes a habit of mowing his lawn incessantly.

It makes me feel guilty, our long grass standing at attention next to his.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t also live on a golf course, so that the grass is always mowed right up to your property line on all sides. And then, there you are, the nine-months-pregnant gal bribing her brother to mow the lawn so that the neighbors don’t talk. Or talk anymore than they already are.