On Having a Baby with a Fever…

Well, this week was super exciting.


I had to be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday for work, so Elle was staying at my parents overnight Tuesday.

She’s been on the teething bender, drooling CONSTANTLY and on a 5-6 bib per day habit. But, no teeth. Not even feeling bumps along the top of her gums. You can SEE the teeth, but you can’t actually feel them. So – a long road to go still.

Wednesday on my way home, I called my Mom to see how things were going. She says “Elle’s got a little bit of a fever, I was thinking of giving her some Tylenol.”

“What’s her temp?” I ask.

“101.7” my mother responds.

“Yeah, give her some Tylenol,” I respond.

“Ok, I mean, it’s not that high, but it’s not good,” my Mom says.

Super – thanks. I’m three physical hours from home and those are your parting words.

I get home and Elle is feeling a bit better, but still out of sorts. Tired and sleeping a lot.

The next day, it’s more of the same. Her temp keeps going up, reaching 102.7 at one point. YIKES.

I’m in between doctors (seriously, I know) because I left our former doctor and made an appointment with the new one. However, when I called to get her in to the new one, he’s out on vacation this week. Of course – Murphy’s Law. So, I have to go to the doctor who I don’t totally trust. I get an appointment in the next 45 minutes. I’m scared. 102.7 is HIGH. I’m freaking out. What if she’s never the same after this, what if this fever takes the life out of her and she’s not my smiley, happy girl after this? Because she was an absolute CRANKY PANTS. She’s never been like that before. It was disconcerting to say the least.

So, we head to the doctor’s office where – turns out – my unfavorite doctor is not in this week, so it’s the nurse practitioner we’ll be seeing. Never had met her before and if SHE were the doctor, I’d still be a patient of this practice. Great bedside manner, etc.

However, because there was really no CAUSE of Elle’s fever, the NP wanted a urine sample to rule out a UTI. In the meantime, I’ve also told her that Elle hasn’t pooped in two days. She gives me a sheet on making kids poop – water, prune juice, Karo syrup, etc.

Anyway…Do you know how they take a urine sample of an infant?

Me neither.

No clue.

So, the nurse’s assistant comes in to put a ‘U-Bag’ on Elle. It’s got an opening with stickiness around it, and this big bag to collect urine. Ok. So, I lay a diaper beneath her, play with her, and wait for her to pee.

She pees, but the bag isn’t on properly, so it trickles out and on to the diaper.


As I’m yelling for the nurse for help to collect the urine, I see that Elle is straining. Yup, all I’ve got is a pee soaked diaper laid out beneath her bum, and here comes that two-day-brewing poo.

I’m proud that I didn’t totally panic in this scenario. I simply closed the diaper and let her go.

Clean her up, put another diaper on, wait for the nurse to come collect the two drops that made their way into the bag.

In the next five seconds, on the new, clean diaper, a mess of green-ness descends from Elle’s bum. Sorry – gross, I know – but it was just gross to see, too.

Now, we may have contaminated the pee that we did get. Sweet.

There was a slight amount of positive-ness (not a medical person here) for UTI, but not enough to be sure. So, the NP asks for another try. A different nurse comes in and puts the U-Bag on, in a slightly different position.

We wait. I’d just pumped Elle full of a four ounce bottle and coax two more ounces of water into her. And she peed it all out already.

And like magic, Elle feels better (I know if I’d had a BM like that, I’d feel like a million bucks afterward too). She’s happy and jumpy, etc.

So, we get sent home with pee bags of our own. I’m instructed to try to collect a urine sample, once I get it to put it in the fridge, and then bring it back to their office the following day.

In the mean time, I have a cranky-ass infant on my hands and I’m supposed to collect urine?


Good joke.

I ignore the urine collection task the rest of the day/night. I’m not going to fight that battle right now.

So, we sleep and cuddle and she eats and sleeps some more. Her temperature is now holding steady at 100.4 degrees or so.

The following morning, we wake up and I decide – ok, I’ll get some urine.

I attach the U-Bag the best way I can. I put a diaper on Elle.

I wait.

I’m thinking I’ve got it. That even though I don’t want to drive a urine sample down to the doctor’s office, that I wish they’d just call in a scrip and let us let this thing run its course. Thinking that I can’t believe that I’ve allowed this charade to go on for 24 hours. However, in the event it IS a UTI, I of course want my baby to get the proper medicine. So, I am going to collect urine. In the U-Bag. And refrigerate it until I can get it to the dr’s office.

And then, I smell it.



I know it’s going to be a mess. I open the diaper and it’s full of poop (no more constipation, at least). The U-Bag is covered in it, there’s no way to remove the dumb bag without hurting Elle OR getting my hands messy. I opt for messy hands.

And I call off the urine collection game.

I call the doctor’s office and explain – as nicely as I can – that I will NOT be collecting urine. That they can call in a prescription, or not call one in, whatever. I’m done with this game. (In my mind, I figure if they don’t give me a scrip and she’s not feeling better Monday, I’ll go to the new doctor and get a better answer).

The NP calls me back and discusses with me how Elle’s acting, how she’s feeling, what my thoughts are (awesome, I like this lady!) and she says that just to be sure, she’s going to call in the prescription. She also tells me that the rule of thumb if there were to be any more green-liquid-poo is 2 ounces of Pedialyte for every watery BM.

Good to know.

Now, call in that prescription.

Underlying all of this — Elle is teething. It’s teething that’s causing all of this. I know it. It’s my gut instinct. But, I don’t want to take the chance if my gut is wrong (it’s not) but I just don’t want to take the chance.

So, anyway, that’s too much about poo, and pee, for one day. But that was my week this week.

Jon’s home now. Which is a huge relief. Having another person to share the burden of stress makes a HUGE difference to me. You don’t have to worry about being the lone worrier — you know you’ve got a fellow worrier with you, too. Which is nice.

Anyway — there’s a post for posterity’s sake and nothing more. My first go round with a feverish baby and I’ve come out older and wiser and a bit more poo-covered than I was before.

One Day To Go: Status Update

October 13, 2011: Less than 24 hours to go.

Due Date: TOMORROW. Seriously, tomorrow?! Seriously – tomorrow!!

Baby Developments: She’s got to be on the verge of about eight pounds right now…she’s ready to enter the world and we are ready to meet her!

Weight Gain: Gained back those two pounds I’d lost, so total weight gain is at like 27 or 28 pounds for the entire pregnancy.

Cravings: Not cravings so much, but I’m still on the cereal, milk, Twizzler, Sprite Zero kick. I accidentally ate an entire box of Frosted Mini Wheats in one day last week and half a bag of Twizzlers. And it pained me, but felt good too. So, the fact that after a showing like that I’m still on board with Mini Wheats and Twizzlers, I feel ok about that.

Aversions: Nothing in particular.

Symptoms: I’m peeing about every 36 seconds or so. Molly and I went to dinner (she treated as a thank you for taking family pics of them earlier this week) and I went before we left her house, then as soon as we got to the bar (a mile from their house) and again when our food came. It’s ridiculous. Molly assures me that that symptom disappears immediately and is exchanged for not being able to tell when you have to pee at all…so, there’s something to look forward to!

I am loving: knowing that we’re meeting our Minnie girl TOMORROW (or pretty quickly thereafter) and that Jon will be there and that I’m going to maximize my time away from work with the baby being here. All good stuff.

Sleep: Jon insisted I sleep last night, which is a good thing since tonight I’m sure I won’t sleep well, with the anticipation, etc., and knowing that we have to be AT the hospital at 5 a.m. So, I did sleep well last night. In bed as soon as the Tigers lost (boo) and up at about 8 a.m. That was as good as I could do today.

I miss: having a beer. It sounded really good last night. Not like I’m a lush, but having the ability to have a drink if I so desire is something that I’m all about. No wonder prohibition never worked out right…as an aside, I’ve been watching Prohibition on PBS and it’s AWESOME. I love that whole era — which is part of the reason I love Boardwalk Empire, too.

I am looking forward to: holding, kissing and loving our Minnie girl. And, revealing her name!

I am spazzing about: a little bit about how to handle the visitors at the hospital. I don’t know what tomorrow will hold and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I don’t want a parade of visitors IMMEDIATELY after she’s born. I really want to make sure that Jon and I and Minnie get some time just the three of us to savor the moments. If I have a c-section for some reason, I don’t want anyone else seeing her/holding her before I get to (other than Jon, of course). I’m just really in need of this being about our newly-formed family of three and I feel like having people at the hospital waiting will add this pressure. I think I’m prepared to handle it, but…I just don’t get a do-over on this, so I really want it to be about the three of us.

Best moment of the week: My Mom and I’s full day of enjoying each other on Saturday and Monday, when Dr. Ahmad offered up the chance to be induced this week.

Milestones: The waddle. It’s here, fo’ sho’.

Movement: Moving still, but it’s less and less as she gets bigger and bigger. This means she is SO ready to come out and play!

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: Not much here at the end. The peeing every 36 seconds makes it questionable at best to go too far from facilities.

Diet: Alright.

Boobs & Belly Button: Still have an innie, which is pretty sweet. Boobs have managed to stay the same size. I went to the Motherhood Maternity store and got nursing bras last weekend, so I have that done. Got some nursing tanks too. Hopefully all the right size for these boobs which will inevitably get big as the whole breastfeeding process begins.

Goals for the upcoming week: Deliver a healthy baby, make her happy and bring her home!

38 Weeks: Status Report aka 38 Weeks, 3 Days

October 6, 2011 aka 38 Weeks

Due Date: October 20, 2011. At Monday’s ultrasound appointment, Minnie Mason weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was measuring at exactly 38 weeks. So, technically today could be 38 weeks, 3 days. Let’s do our count in weeks: 2. Let’s do our count in days: 14.


Baby Developments: Her brain is in super development mode…as it will be for the next several years. But, she’s mainly done adding weight and growing (thank GOD). She’ll add about a half ounce each day, so she’s probably now about 7 pounds, 6 ½ ounces. Very cool.

Weight Gain: Dropped two pounds at the doctor’s this week. Have been trying to go for walks, but I fear that I MIGHT have developed the preggo waddle. Ugh.

Cravings: Cereal, milk and Twizzlers. And Sprite Zero.

Aversions: Nothing in particular.

Symptoms: Holy back pain, Batman! The nightly course of a hot compress is doing alright, but is working less and less often. I break down every now and then and take a few Tylenol when it gets too bad. Again, I believe I may have developed a pregnant waddle. Again, ugh.

I am loving: feeling pretty/relatively prepared for baby. And enjoying time with Molly and Nolan since I’m in town. And the ability to go for walks at home. And just hanging out without much pressure to do anything.

Sleep: Hard to fall asleep, but once I get there I’m ok. And then, literally lifting myself off the mattress is becoming a matter of some muscle needs. I mean, how can one’s middle section feel SO damn heavy?

I miss: shopping for clothes when I go through a TJ Maxx, popping open a bottle of wine and having the ability to have a glass if I want. I miss not having elastic in the band of my pants, too.

I am looking forward to: meeting Minnie.

I am spazzing about: Not. One. Thing.

Best moment of the week: Getting to spend the day with Jon, seeing our Minnie girl on the ultrasound and just enjoying our time together. It was a great one day that we got to spend just the two of us.

Milestones: The waddle.

Movement: Yup, she’s moving. But it’s like she tries to stretch out and it ends up being a big old arm protruding out of my belly, so I push it back in. Hello, this is my body too, little girl.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: Walking some days, but not most.

Diet: Alright.

Boobs & Belly Button: So, went to the Playtex outlet yesterday to get a nursing bra or two. What a joke. First of all, it’s the outlet so the sales clerks are there for the pay check. They are NOT bra experts. I walk in to get a nursing bra and they don’t say anything to me. I ask ‘do you have nursing bras?’.

‘yes.’ Was the response from the oversized one.

I stand there and wonder if that means she’s going to show me where, or what. Ultimately, she points out my four options – really only two options as each comes in a lovely shade of white and beige. Grab two options to try on. They do not fit right at all…it’s like they were made for Madonna circa the early 90s…terribly pointy boob thing going on somehow.

My Mom was with me and she was purchasing some socks, so I was standing near the check out with her. The older sales clerk asked me if the bras had worked.

‘No’ I reply.

‘Well, we don’t recommend purchasing a nursing bra until two weeks after the baby is born, once your milk comes in,”



You’re suggesting to me that I not have any nursing bras on hand for TWO WEEKS while I plan on nursing my baby? What the hell, lady? Who is ‘we’ anyway? And, what is your suggestion for the two weeks…no bra? Regular bra (yeah, let’s ruin the good ones). What?

I was so annoyed with her talking to me that I just stared at her and had my own internal dialogue. It ended with ‘and I will NOT shop in this store anymore’. So, there you have it.

Oh, and my belly button is still technically an innie, but it’s stretched pretty damn thin.

Here’s a pic, for those who care…

The view from the side is MUCH more flattering than the full frontal.

Goals for the upcoming week: Clean up around the house, get some diapers, wipes, essentials organized and feel good about where I stand in the cleaning of the house. Head to the doctor and ‘discuss options’ on Monday. Wrap up the Clio Leadership Academy stuff on Tuesday.

“Round Ligament Pain”

Well, today’s development: round ligament pain. What is that, you may find yourself asking.

You can Google it and find all you want to know. But, of course, mine is JUST a little different than the general description. It’s not pelvic pain so much as GROIN pain. I mean, it feels like the pubic bones are rubbing together when I walk. I know, that was a lot right there for some of you to digest, but trust me, it’s more comfortable for you to read than for me to live with. So there.

Anywho, I actually spent quality time at the account I’m at outside St. Louis today and then high-tailed it to the hotel where I could put my feet up. Holy moly, what a difference that makes. I’ve been trying to lay down in bed and only get up to go to the bathroom. And that seems to be helping.

Also, I am in St. Louis (you figured that out when I mentioned it two sentences ago). I flew here. And, as we landed, I realized that I am now 10 hours driving and at least four hours flying from anyone being with me if I went into labor RIGHT NOW. I didn’t like that at all. I am of the firm belief that this will be the last flying trip I take until I return to work after maternity leave.

So this pain is quite painful (odd, right?). But, I did call the doctor to make sure it was normal, which it is (Dr. Ahmad says: ‘It’s probably your pubic bones rubbing together’ or something like that). I also asked about the cultures from Friday. Half of them were back and he said they were all normal, so we’ll know for sure that all is normal tomorrow…the discharge…the groin pain…the pubic bones rubbing together.

Quite honestly, I think the whole reason is that I over did it this weekend and my body is hating me. I spent a lot of time getting things ready for the paint in the baby’s room, cleaned, laundry, organizing, going going going. I suppose I need to pay better attention to the fact that, when pregnant, you can’t just go like always. Especially – and at the very least -not in the last trimester of the big event. So, from here on out, I’m going to try to take it easier (Jon, you should really be reading this). I’m also going to try some of the exercises I’ve found online and, if all else fails, I’m heading out for a massage to see what that’ll do.

Well, until Thursday when I FINALLY move on to Week 30, officially, and a status update.

Ow, Shoulder Pain

I have been having this severe shoulder pain, especially at night, but in general too.

Haven’t been able to figure out why, or how to get rid of it.

I forced Jon into just grabbing and pressing super hard on my shoulder, which actually seemed to make it feel better.

And when I woke up the following morning, my opposite shoulder hurt.

And that’s when I put two and two together and, folks, I got four.

Sleeping on my SIDE (as indicated is the best/only way when you’re pregnant) is creating this awful shoulder pain from holding myself on my shoulder all night. I have to say that these days, sleeping/laying on my back is pretty discomforting…makes it a little harder to breathe and it’s just generally uncomfortable. So, the side it is. But this shoulder pain was something I did not account for.

I think part of it was the antiquated beds at the cabin upnorth last weekend and the hotel beds I was in last week. Last night I slept awesome (save the four bathroom trips throughout the course of the night).

And while Jon has made fun of the 10 pillows on our bed, I think he now realizes how important they are to my sanity and muscle tension.

Last night I hybrid-ized a sleeping position that is sort of like sleeping on your stomach for the top half of your body, but the bottom half of the body remains properly in place on its side. Seems to have rid my body of the shoulder pain at least for today.

These are the things no one tells you about. That, and the hemorrhoids. And the acne.

But it’s a joy… … …really, I swear.

One More Sleep – Can you Believe It?


It’s finally (almost) here already! One more sleep and I’ll know if this cantalope (that’s right, it’s a CANTALOPE this week) is a boy or a girl kind of fruit 🙂

Speaking of sleep — I am VERY tired again lately. Well, not like I was during the first trimester or anything, but almost like I’m overdoing it (I think I probably am) and I wear myself out. I did just take a brief cat nap this afternoon, and I’m going to see how that makes me feel. It wasn’t the best nap in the world, but at least I got some shut eye for a minute.

Everyone, it seems, believes that the mini is a boy. I don’t know. I’m just not convinced. I don’t know if it’s because I feel more at ease with the idea of a girl (I know what I’m getting into there) or what, but it’s weird that almost everyone has said boy. Could nearly everyone be wrong? For the record, I’m going to go with girl just to be different, though I don’t feel one way or another about the baby’s gender.

We are hosting the big “Gender Reveal” party on Friday. I moved all of the paint and project stuff into the baby room and the house is starting to come together a little bit. I would like to get some art work hung up in the entry way tonight when Jon gets home, have Jon get the garage organized so it’s not an embarassment to us both (there is just no place else to put crap) and get some grocery shopping done.

I had made a list in advance and even have it all in a cute little folder. However, I haven’t opened my list to check my progress (because I’ve made NONE) in two days so I’m fairly certain that I’m well behind schedule.

That’s alright, I’ve enlisted my Mom to help clean the toilets, bathrooms and floors after work tonight. Thank God for small favors – er, big big favors. I did get the decor hung in the upstairs bathroom today and did get the stuff hung on the office walls too, so those were both critical. Except for the fact that the bathroom is definitely only about 25% finished. But, whatever, I put lipstick on the pig and am calling it day. Not worrying about it further.

I just sent Jon a link to this article about “push presents”. If any of you need to drop hints on that one, there’s your article. Can I just say that I feel like a marriage proposal at the hospital before, during or after labor and delivery is just awful. I’ve witnessed it on A Baby Story and it didn’t set right with me. Not sure why, but it just did not. So, again, if anyone reads this that talk to Jon and wants to drop that hint…although…what would I really say if he asked then? No? I don’t know…it just seems tacky to me, like there are much, much bigger things going on in our world and that would take away from my personal enjoyment of all of those experiences. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

Anyway…I can’t think of much else other than TOMORROW I’ll KNOW whether it’s a girl or boy kind of mini. I promise after tomorrow and the party on Friday I’ll be much, much better at writing about things that aren’t, well, only about the baby’s gender.

I shouldn’t promise that…


Officially Beyond the First Trimester!

Alright, who’s ready to celebrate with a tall Mocha Light Frappucino from Starbucks?!

That’s right, folks. I’ve successfully completed the first trimester (officially, I suppose) of this, my first pregnancy. I say ‘I suppose’ because by my count, the first trimester ought to have ended last Wednesday, a full 9 days ago. By the doctor’s count, the trimester ended yesterday. Why I’m so insistent that the medical professional does not know how to count, I’m not sure. I really do have a lot of faith and confidence in Dr. Neubeck…but I also feel like I want to use my counting method, not the doctor’s. Not that I’m in a hurry to be through the pregnancy and that I don’t anticipate enjoying this time in my life…BUT…a glass of wine does sound pretty phenomenal.

So, the doctor has said that SOME caffeine won’t kill me. So, I’m celebrating today with a Mocha Light Frappucino because, well, why not. Here is is in all it’s delicious-ness glory:

My first trimester celebration 'cocktail'

The sciatic issue has resided a bit in the last two days, I have had more energy and felt more like myself than I have in months (go figure) and in general, I’m feeling really good. I went for a walk last night from the hotel around the little shopping area and picked up a few gifts (one for Aunt Jenny, who will officially be a NURSE on May 13 and we’re celebrating that accomplishment).
I also have really been feeling as though my hair is quite lackluster. So, two nights ago I did a deep treatment mask on my hair with a conditioning mask. Felt pretty good about what that did for my hair, so I moved on last night to an oil treatment that I bought on my walking trip through the parking lots. I’m liking how my hair is improving…I guess that glow of pregnancy is not translating to my hair.
I am feeling slightly better about my face and its acne issues. I mean, there are still some RIDICULOUS zits popping up here and there, but I purchased the Jergens “Healthy Glow” face moisturizer the other day to see if I could force some fake color into my cheeks and, wa-lah (is that how you even spell that??) I feel like I have a not-fake, sun-kissed look going on and I’m enjoying it. It seems that whatever that moisturizer is is doing good things to my skin because a lot of the little blemishes and imperfections have dissipated and I just have a few trouble spots, especially on my neck/chin area. So, I’m going to concentrate my moisturizing efforts on the neck and chin areas and see what happens. Why the heck not, so far I’ve met with success.
I’m a little bit bummed, because I bought a great Groupon the other day for three microdermabrasion treatments for $99 — but it turns out that most sites recommend NOT having those treatments while pregnant. I guess because your skin is so much more sensitive and it takes your body more time to heal, they don’t recommend it at all and it’s quite painful for some women. Now, some lucky friend of mine is going to end up with three free treatments. Unless I can get the clinic to extend my expiration because it expires RIGHT before I’ll deliver (that’s still a bizarre statement to make about myself) the baby (another weird thought).
Which brings me to the big thing…this whole baby thing is still very abstract to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong AT ALL. I have wanted a baby and to be a mom for more years than I can count. I’ve dreamed about this, wanted this, wished for this (when it was completely ill-advised and I literally lived below the poverty line on my income from some internship somewhere). BUT — now it’s here and the whole idea. That there’s a person inside of my body (odd), that that person is going to continue to grow and will eventually come out (can’t even wrap my head around the logistics of that) and then, I’ll be a MOM. It’s still quite abstract.
A friend from work keeps a blog and they just found out two days ago that they’re having a girl. I think that finding out the gender helps and I also think that feeling the baby move will make it more real. Right now, the only thing that’s changing is the slow tightening of my pants around my waistline and that’s not really that big a difference. I notice a difference in my body, but I don’t know that many others would.
Sooo…anyway, that’s today’s thought.
Need to get back to work after this brief distraction – oh, and of course, continue celebrating the fact that we’re a 1/3 of the way to meeting mini!

Baby Lime

Ok, so here’s an update. The baby is the size of a lime.

For some reason, I’ve felt compelled to go and buy a lime or two, just as a point of reference and maybe to throw in a glass of ice water, just to change things up. Odd, certainly.

I’m still feeling quite tired a lot of the time and my motivation is lacking.

I have a dislike of most foods, but force myself to eat, and when I do, it’s the unhealthy things that are making their way past my lips. Awesome.

However, I’m still wearing my same pants (not the bigger size I was forced to buy several weeks ago), so I feel pretty good about that. Jeans last night were a little snug, but still buttoned and didn’t ruin my night by wearing them buttoned, so I feel like that’s a pretty good sign.

Today is Trevor Scott Carpenter’s 23rd birthday! Yeah, we’re going to the Melting Pot for dinner!! Looking forward to a fun dinner out with Trev, Ashley, Mom, Dad and Jon.

The house work continues – wallpaper is going to be at my mercy this weekend and it doesn’t even know what’s going to hit it yet.

I slept in today past 6:30 a.m. which is the first time that’s happened in a few weeks and it felt pretty darn good, I’m not going to lie.

So, on the whole, things are mundane but moving along nicely for me and the little lime.

Gummy Flintstones

Ok, so I have not thrown up since suspending ingestion of pre-natal vitamins!

However, I haven’t ingested a vitamin since the last time I threw up, which was a week ago. The doctor on Thursday afternoon said that I could simply take Flintstones vitamins if the pre-natal’s were making me sick. So, yesterday I FINALLY purchased vitamins. And I purchased Gummy Flinstones. This morning, I took two (per the recommendation on the bottle) and thoroughly enjoyed myself while chewing them and my stomach has thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well.

I mean, how can you NOT enjoy taking vitamins like these?

I also purchased some Calcium chewable things as the doctor really stressed that calcium – 1200 milligrams – was what I needed to be getting daily. I didn’t eat those yet. I’m hoping those will be a late in the day treat, since I bought the chocolate ones (why WOULDN’T you buy the chocolate ones??).

You know why you wouldn’t? Because I looked in the mirror this morning and saw the ridiculous size of my arms and immediately dropped and did 25 push ups. Perhaps I’ll need to do 25 more tonight. Or even 75 to bring it to 100 push ups for the day. I mean, my arms have been a problem spot in my own mind for awhile now, but this morning, that full length mirror in the hotel bathroom just did me NO favors. So, it was push ups and squats before I got dressed.

Anyway, this was to be about the gummy vitamins. I highly recommend them. And I won’t feel guilty because I am still getting well over the daily recommended dosage for all vitamins I’m supposed to have. And they don’t make me puke.

The Opposite of Morning

Well, last night I did NOT puke. I also did NOT take the prenatal vitamins I’ve been taking. And I didn’t puke. Didn’t feel the greatest, but at least what I put into my body stayed there…

The two nights previous to that, though, I took the good ol’ prenantal vitamin and within an hour (because I hadn’t fallen asleep yet) I was up and heaving over the toilet something resembling bad orange juice. Not a pleasant experience.

First official doctor’s appointment is today. Here’s what I’m hoping for: that I’ve somehow lost the 2.4 pounds that I had gained at the last visit (not eating as crappy of food, some moderate exercise most days of the week); that I get a picture to take home and post on my little blog; that I get to hear a heartbeat; that Jon opts to go with me and doesn’t become EXTREMELY uncomfortable when he finds out what actually happens at the gynecologist. Actually – wait – that part could be quite entertaining.

Good to be back in Clio and with Jon. He had a work meeting last night, so he stopped and got me an ice cream sundae from McDonalds. That was the first sweet treat I’d had in a little while and it was delicious!

Not much else new. Evidently the fetus (it’s now no longer an embryo and is, in fact, a fetus) is now the size of a green olive and actually looks like a baby. Which is weird to contemplate on a variety of levels.

Anyway – it’s to work I need to pay attention until the afternoon. More then!