30 Weeks: Status Update

So, today is officially, officially 30 weeks! Yeah!! The baby is still the size of the squash but weighs anywhere from 2.5-4 pounds. Holy moly!

Due Date: October 20, 2011.

Baby Developments: Her brain is developing more and more and she’s putting on FAT!!! That’s so she can be happy and healthy when she arrives in 10 short, short weeks!

Weight Gain: At the doctor’s appointment last Friday, I had gained five pounds since the previous appointment, for a total of about 12 throughout the pregnancy. I know I’m going to probably pack it on here at the end, so I did start back with walking this morning and I’m really trying to get a lot of water into my system.

Cravings: Nothing really. Water, can’t get enough of that.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain started and has subsided this week. Thank GOD! That was awful. Like someone punched me in the girl bits. Same ol’, same ol’ though.

I am loving: the very active little girl in my belly. It has struck me lately how she’ll never be any safer than she is right now…which is kind of cool and intimidating and scary all at once. But, I like it.

Sleep: Feeling more and more tired by the day, I have to say. I flew to an account this week and the travel by plane took it out of me. I think part of it is the stress of flying – the remembering what to pack, trying to get it all in a carry on, commiting to only the one outfit, the small toiletries. And, when I realized I was a 10 hour car drive or a flight away if anything happened and I went into labor…that will be my last flying trip.

I miss: my self-confidence in my body and a semblance of a shape…my regular size lovely boobies…which have ballooned to an obnoxious 40DD (I actually bought that size today).

I am looking forward to: a weekend at Clear Lake with Andrea, Frank and friends; Aunt Jody’s 25th wedding anniversary party on Saturday; getting the nursery painted and the furniture set up and moved into the room.

I am spazzing about: Jon just found out tonight that he has to go work over inĀ  Benton Harbor at the Cook Nuclear Facility. He really doesn’t want to, but it’s work and now’s not the time to turn away from work. So, that’s developed just tonight. Ugh.

Best moment of the week: working on the nursery!

Milestones: The nursery is moving forward! And, our first shower is next Sunday!! That is really, really hard to believe.

Movement: Lots, a lot of the time. 10 p.m. is our party time, I guess. But, she’s also pretty active throughout the day. I find myself waking up to go to the bathroom and being pretty amazed at how much she’s moving and I don’t even know it.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: I did go for a walk this morning and have it on the list of things to do tomorrow morning.

Diet: Have been doing a bit better on the intake front…still not great…fully intend to cut out simple carbs after the baby comes. I just don’t feel like doing it to myself right now, frankly, but to get my body to a place I feel good about AFTER baby, I will be doing what it takes.

Boobs & Belly Button: Belly button is still an innie…thankfully. The boobs, as noted above, are obnoxious.

Goals for the upcoming week: Finalize the painting project in the nursery; clean the house in advance of any guests who may come to the house after the shower for Jon’s family next Sunday.