34 Weeks, Two Days: Status Update & Childbirth Marathon

Well, today is our childbirth class marathon. It starts in two hours. Yikes!

I am planning on packing a few drinks and snacks into my oversized purse (contemplated using my Coach diaper bag, but believe that to be a bit excessive). Anyway, it’s seven hours of pure childbirth. I really, really am not sold on doing this class, but believe it will be invaluable for Jon. I also think that he could have a ‘moment’ of passing out or something like that. That’d really spice things up!

Without delay, here’s an update…

Due Date: October 20, 2011.

Baby Developments:

Besides looking like a newborn at 34 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is acting like a newborn as well. Her eyes open when she’s awake and close when she is sleeping. Her sleeping cycles are the same now as they will be when she is born. She has learned to blink and can see better when a bright light is shined on your stomach. She recognizes voice and sound patterns from the outside world and is most comforted by the sound of your voice.

She weighs about 4 ¾ pounds now and is about 18 inches long. Her fingernails have reached the end of her fingertips at week 34 of pregnancy and she may even scratch her face before she is born. Her fat layers are growing every week to fill up that wrinkly skin and she may have already turned into the head down position for labor.

Your baby’s central nervous system is still maturing, and her lungs are almost fully ready to breathe air. If your baby is born this week, she has a 99% chance of survival outside of the womb, pretty darn good odds.

Weight Gain: I think my weight gain should be negligible the last few weeks, but at last count was at 19 total pounds gained. Molly told me last night that she’d read somewhere that when you deliver, you should lose 12 pounds immediately with baby, placenta, fluid, blood, etc. So, that doesn’t sound so awful. (Btw, Molly’s got just 10 days until her due date!).

Cravings:  Seriously, all of a sudden I feel like I have cravings. Twizzlers (Strawberry), Water, Root Beer Floats and Dill Pickle Spears. Really?

Aversions: I just feel pretty picky about what I’m eating, not specifically averse to anything.

Symptoms: Middle and lower back pain, pelvic/crotch pressure, itchy skin EVERYWHERE, moderate amounts of discharge (the odor is gone, the discharge persists).

I am loving: how my house feels, all cleaned up with the bathroom project complete (or pretty darn near complete). The bathroom project requires its own update. Let’s leave it at this: My Dad Rocks.

Sleep: Have to get up to pee about 3-4 times per night depending on the night and how much I’ve had to drink during the previous few hours before going to bed. I am certainly uncomfortable laying down and I really am most comfortable on my left side, like all the books and websites tell you to lay.

I miss: wearing regular clothes and having a selection of things in my closet. A cocktail when I want one.

I am looking forward to: the shower next weekend, slowly petering out the travel for work to prepare for heading out on maternity leave.

I am spazzing about: mainly, the cord being fatally or brain-injury wrapped around her neck during birth. Who knows why that’s my biggest thing, but it is.

Best moment of the week: Putting finishing touches on the bathroom, spending my day off yesterday shopping for critical last minute stuff, getting fun photo props and birthday presents in the mail!

Milestones: My stomach itches like crazy and I find myself pushing on different baby parts that I can feel in my body to try to figure out what they are.

Movement: As the above mentioned, she’s now got regular sleep/wake patterns established. She really likes 7 a.m. and 10-11 p.m. for being highly active. But, she’s moving a lot still.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: Just went for a leisurely stroll around the golf course this morning for about a half hour. Nothing big, but it was nice before the golfers got out there, with the sun coming up.

Diet: Ehhh.

Boobs & Belly Button: Belly button is still an innie. The boobs are now in a size 38D and that seems to be the right size bra to be in. Need to purchase some nursing bras at some point, but am going to wait until about 2 weeks before due date to make that purchase.

Goals for the upcoming week: Thank you notes for a few key gifts I’ve received lately, play with my new birthday presents and get the finishing touches put on the house, as well as final deep cleaning ahead of next weekend’s shower here!!