I Forgot To Show You Something: Elle’s Bedroom

Because today is my 200th post, and because I have been digging around and trying to become a bit better at this whole blogging thing, I have been re-reading my old posts from the beginning. (Not ALL of them).

It’s certainly a trip to see what I was thinking THEN and how it IS NOW. I guess that’s why I wanted to do this whole blog thing – for posterity’s sake and my own memories.

But, I realized that there are things that I wanted and meant to share that I haven’t yet (I think).

One of those is Elle’s bedroom.

It is, by far, my MOST favorite room in the house.

Here is what it looked like on August 6, 2011:

By the following day, it looked like this:

We used Sherwin Williams “Brown Teepee” on the walls. Absolutely LOVE this color. I’ve seen it used in almost every room in a house with great success. It’s a wonderful color!

On August 11, we started adding in my FAVORITE, the Pottery Barn “Morrocan Red”.

By September 3, the finishing touches were the only things required. Here’s a look:

Wall decal from Trading Phrases, Rug from Ikea, Glider from JCPenney, Crib from JCPenny, artwork from allposters.com, Fan from Lowe's, Blinds from Budget Blinds

The quilt was hand made by Kathy to fit in with our Picasso theme.

So, what did I learn in all of this?

JCPenney’s has great deals on gliders and cribs.

Ikea was the place for the dresser, the lamps, the ladybug and the rug.

Trading Phrases had the Picasso dove decal and I found the artwork at allposters.com. The frames came from Ikea, too.

And I’m sure you may be curious to see what her room looks like after having used and lived in it for over three months. I swear I didn’t clean it up just for taking these photos this morning…as you can probably tell!

This was the find of the decor process - a Picasso five-piece set at Ikea. I love these and the Rooster and Summer Bouquet to the right.

Meant it when I said I didn't clean up - notice the middle-of-the-night bottle on the nightstand. Adding the nightstand and the lamp next to the glider were must-have additions.

I'm a huge fan of the light that comes into Elle's room even on the gloomiest of days. A bit bright (and frigid) this January morning.




Busy, Busy Weekend

This weekend we have also begun working on our Minnie’s room. With Jon potentially having to go to work on the other side of the state and with the baby’s arrival just 10 short weeks away (yes, still 10. I feel like we’ve been stuck at 29 weeks for the last three weeks. This is where my optimistic nature has gotten me into trouble), we HAD to get moving on the nursery. Plus, the shower that Jon’s family is having for us is in two weeks and we’ve got to go out of town next weekend…so this weekend is really a key opening for us.

We finally accepted the offers of help that Jon’s parents have been throwing around for weeks — and Jon and his Dad got the garage going and Karen and I worked on cleaning and prepping the baby’s room for some serious paint.

I’m so grateful that we have them so close by and really enjoy the time we get to spend together. It’s been fun having their help to get ready for Minnie!

Now, I just can’t wait until we can get the paint done and the furniture put together in this room. I just can’t WAIT! I can envision it, but that’s so much different than actually seeing it live, in person. I spent a TON of time taping the room, so I’m hoping the lines come out relatively clean.

Here’s a snapshot of where we stand this morning. We’re getting ready to take Jon’s parents to breakfast before we start in on our big day of painting. Best to start on a full stomach, I say.

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