Baby Shower Hangover!

Well, the final installment of baby shower season happened this past Saturday.

It was a beautiful shower and I truly have to say that I felt like it was a great mix of people I TRULY cherish in our lives. I didn’t feel like there was ONE person there who I had to, you know, talk about the weather with. Everyone was a close friend. I stepped back and reflected for, like, a split second on the shower day and was fulfilled…I love having our house filled with people we love and it was overflowing with love on Saturday. Love and baby presents. Minnie Mason is one lucky girl – and so am I – and so is Jon (well, he’s a lucky boy, but you get what I mean).

We had just over 30 people here – friends and family – and a few folks sent gifts that weren’t able to be here. The majority of photos are on my Aunt Jenny’s camera and the camera my Mom was using, but at least I can give you a teaser here.

My aunts – Jenny, Julie, Jody and Jill – were responsible for the shower. My Aunt Jody, as always, came through on the food. Delicious ribs and chicken, this Asian noodle salad that was the rave of the party. My favorite were the yogurt parfaits and then of course the watermelon carved into a baby carriage. Too freaking cute.

We had mimosas, lemon lime water and soda selection…and the delicious cupcakes and cut out sugar cookies made by my Aunt Julie in the shape of hands and feet, an ode to my Grandma Thick.

My Aunt Jenny and Mom helped the night before and morning of with finishing cleaning-up touches to the house. And Aunt Jill got all the dishes cleaned up after the party wound down.

I have to say that I was OVERWHELMED by the generosity. Tons of outfits and toys and necessities and nice-to-haves. I mean, really.

I also will whole-heartedly endorse hosting the shower in your own home if possible. While it was a lot of work to get my house cleaned up and in order, it was really neat that everyone got to see the nursery set up and ready to go and it was nice that after getting all those gifts, that we didn’t have to lug them into our car, and unpack them into our house, and then put them away here. I had everything pretty much put in a place by Saturday night.

My body certainly ached yesterday and at my doctor’s appointment today, Dr. Perry (first time seeing him) he said I really need to take it easy and rest a bit. He said that my blood pressure is up a little bit and I just need to rest. So, rest it will be for this girl. Am slowly and steadily putting together the hand off package for work so others can cover while I’m out and feel good about that.

Dr. Perry also said he feels very comfortable with the Oct. 20 due date and that Oct. 27 seemed late to him. Woohoo. Love it.

Had gained three pounds at the appointment today – that’s a grand total of 22ish or so…somewhere in there. Not awful. But, I also have not been very good about trying to watch what I eat. Have too much else on my mind. I will regret it if I let myself get crazy now, so I guess I should get back on the bandwagon.

Did go and make a few exchanges yesterday at Target and Babies R Us. And made a few purchases off the registry for the remainder of things. But, on the whole, we got nearly every single thing on the registry. It is insane. Such a lucky girl.

I mean, Minnie got a jewelry box.

And earrings, too (both courtesy of Aunt Linda).

Jon’s Mom, Karen, got her a ring that has each of our names engraved on either side and then all three of our birthstones in it. Thought that was a good, unique idea.

And Annette and Skyler got her a little silver bracelet. I mean, seriously, this little girl is well on her way to a full jewelry box already!

We got the stroller…THE stroller, I should say. My Mom and Dad got it. It’s the Baby Jogger City Elite and I have struggled with it’s price tag, but knew it was the only one I wanted. And my mom, in addition to the leg warmers and the other wonderful, thoughtful gifts, got us the stroller, too.

As soon as I get photos, I’ll have to update who got what. But, it was so lovely to see Karen and her daughters, Angie and Gina (Gina’s preggers too and due in February…and having a GIRL!). My best girlfriend Andrea and her mom Shirley (they dragged Drew along, the only boy allowed!). Sally and her daughter Katie. Gail, my mom’s friend Clapper and her daughter-in-law (also preggers, due in February!!) Hol-Leigh, Kathleen (my dearest friend from Alma College days) and her eight month old daughter Anna, Cheryl (our next door neighbor). Debi, my friend Jay’s mom. Annette and Skyler. My Grandma Carpenter (soon to be Great Grandma Carpenter!!), Aunt Julie and Lucy. Aunt Jill (who hand-painted a Time Out chair that Jon and I are threatening each other with :). My Mom, Trevor’s girlfriend Ashley (she’s a good listener, by the way ;). Jon’s Mom. My Aunt Lori and Matt’s girlfriend, Megan. My Aunt Jody (freshly back from D.C.). Aunt Linda. Aunt Jenny. My cousin Sandy, who brought bumper pads she made for the crib to match and lots of stuffed animals with bows made to match. And she made lots of custom-made embroidered burp pads. And Molly, just days from her due date, and her mom Deb too. It was such a full house and great day. We had gifts sent from my Aunt Maria in Utah, Grandma Carrell in Missouri, cousin Amy in Florida.

Anyway, it was a jam-packed day that I finally feel as though I’ve recovered from…Now on to the thank you notes!



The Successful, Beautiful Shower!

Yesterday’s shower was absolutely a hit! Jen and her mom, Janet, worked their tushes off to put the whole thing together and pull it off…all while, I swear, Jen had the worst-luck-week-ever. But, you never would have known it. The house and yard were beautiful and it was so great to have our first shower under the belt.

The generosity and thoughtfulness were incredible. From the cute, handmade bibs and burp cloths from Jon’s cousin, Laurie, to the car seat from Jon’s parents and the Little Orphan Annie framed poem that my Mom gifted…and on and on and on. It was all so special. You’ll see in the pictures in the gallery below. I tried to add in the captions so you can get some of the gist of the day that way. I have left out the pictures of the play by play…but we have filled up half a closet and about a quarter of a rather large dresser. We have the infant car seat and bases, a matching crib sheet, lots of cute, girly outfits, the bouncy seat (brown and pink butterflies, the one pink thing I’ve allowed myself to put on the list that’s a house-staple).

Anywho – here are some photos of a great day with Jon’s family at Jen and Rick’s house!

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Thoughts from a Starbucks…

I find myself feeling as though I want to update this page more and don’t know quite what might interest those of you that read it…so, tonight, my stream of consciousness.

This baby girl is moving a LOT — though the movement has changed (as predicted by all the baby websites out there) because she’s getting bigger and there’s less room inside my body for her to do all the flips and kicks and whatnot. As I write, I believe that her butt is up under my boobs (or the front of my ribcage, whatever) and her feet are facing towards my back and her head and arms and shoulders are down toward my pelvis. That’s just a guess. That, or her head is the big body part that’s chilling under my rib cage. I’m hoping that it’s her butt. Otherwise, she’s going to have to pull off some legitimate acrobatics to get head-down and ready to come meet us.

Jon is working at the DC Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Michigan. I’m glad he’s back to work in this era of unemployment but hotel living is for the birds, for sure.

FYI, the young girl working at this Starbucks talks obnoxiously loud about a multitude of topics. If I worked at Starbucks, that’d probably be me. Either way, I wish this particular gal would shut up for a brief minute. Distracting.

The blinds that we ordered a few weeks ago will be installed on Friday afternoon! Can’t wait to see what a difference that will make. That will make our kitchen and the baby’s room nearly complete which will be a huge relief.

I found myself sitting in the nursery last weekend, just enjoying the fact that the room is done in a lot of ways. It’s got fresh paint, new furniture and artwork to go on the walls. I wish we could say the same for other rooms in the house. If I can put the artwork on the walls in the kitchen, I’ll feel like I’m getting a little bit closer.

Spent a small fortune at Ikea tonight…and that threw me off. I thought Ikea was supposed to be cheap?! It is, until you buy a lot of stuff!! I think I spent about $75-100 in picture frames for the baby’s room. Jon’s Mom has stuff for mat-cutting, so I think I can re-mat the prints and be ready to go. I’m really excited to show off the finished room photos to you when I get home. But I have to get those prints framed and up on the walls, get the decal on the wall, etc.

Jen, Jon’s brother’s girlfriend (let’s call her my sister in law, even though she is not – by definition – my in law), is hosting the Mason-family baby shower on Sunday at her house. Rick and Jen have had a run of shit luck in the last few days, from a busted dishwasher that may have sacrificed the hardwood floors, to a shattered glass patio table (it’s a manufacturer’s flaw), to a busted U-joint while at the sand dunes. Hopefully, Jen’s luck has turned around and the party goes off without a hitch on Sunday. I’m really, really grateful to her for hosting it. I know it’s stressful to host a party at your house. And, more than that, I just find the whole concept of a shower really foreign. I mean, here’s a list of all the crap I need for a baby, so go ahead and buy it for me?? I wish that registries weren’t the expectation. I’m anxious to see what sort of things people gift that they choose because THEY wanted to. I don’t know, I’m so grateful/thankful for the great families that we have in our lives…but I feel this odd guilt of asking people to purchase gifts that we picked out. Though, I understand that people would rather get us something we need/want rather than something we don’t. But, isn’t the point of gifting in the giving?? I don’t know — I’m definitely excited to see what the weekend holds and I’m going to try to be good at receiving gifts.

My Mom says I need to come up with something more to say than ‘Oh, how cute!’ so that there is a multitude of things I say. She says she gets sick of hearing the same line over and over again. She’ll probably shoot me a look on Sunday at the shower when I start getting too repetitive. I’ll need to come up with a mental list of things to say.

I really am looking forward to seeing “The Help”. The book was awesome and I’m ready to head to a movie. I haven’t been to a movie in months and it just sounds like something I’d like to do, a brief reprieve from thinking. At least that’s the hope.

For the record, the 40DD bra is too big. I need to go to a single D, but I wanted to give myself some growing room. I wore the bra once and it threatened to show out of the sides or middle of my shirt all day. So much fabric, it’s trying to escape the shirt. Ugh. Not a fan of the gi-normous boobies.

It’s hard to believe that we’re only about 2 months from having a baby at our house!? Isn’t that just crazy? I find myself in awe that I haven’t yet questioned the type of mom I’ll be, like I read some women fret about in other blogs. I’m supremely confident in my ability to be a mom…I’m less confident in my ability to balance lack of sleep with being a nice person. I think that as we get closer, Jon is getting more and more ‘excited’. (I hate to use the word excited to ever describe Jon. The most excited I’ve ever seen him was when he got up off the couch when I walked in the door last week and asked me if I wanted to see the new garage floor…that was a big moment for him…he’s not a real ‘get excited’ kind of guy). Anyway, I just think he’s getting maybe more comfortable with the idea of the baby, the baby girl, the things that means for us as a couple and the dynamic shift that will for sure occur. When asked at the anniversary party this past weeknend (over and over again) if he was ready for the baby, he answered (quite confidently, I must say) “NO”. At least he knows where he stands 🙂

Anywho – I’m at Starbucks and have had enough of stream of consciousness, haven’t you? I’m sure I’ll have more to post soon!


Molly’s Baby Shower: Photos

Molly is due to have her baby boy on September 22, just four weeks before our Minnie arrives!! Molly’s fiancee, Bob, is Andrea’s husband’s younger brother – so Andrea and Molly are thisclose to being for-real sister’s in law. Andrea, with her four week old baby Drew, hosted a beautiful shower at her house. Herewith, some photos of the day!

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