32 Weeks, One Day: Status Update

Was too tired by the time I made it home from work yesterday to force myself to post to the blog. However, today’s a new day and I’m ready to play catch up (in work, in my life, in my household cleaning duties…ugh). When I look better (or at least feel like I look better) you can expect a photo slideshow posting…

Due Date: October 20, 2011.

Baby Developments: All the baby websites say that the Minnie Mason should now be head down and her butt up, getting ready for her grand entrance into this world. She’s definitely active All. The. Time. but…she is probably now about four ish pounds and her toenails are visible. How cool.

Weight Gain: Haven’t been to the doctor, so can’t say. Total weight gain this pregnancy is nearly 16 pounds, and I would venture a guess I’ve added another two pounds to that total.

Cravings:  Just drinks, water, etc. Don’t feel like I’ve had a craving – per se – other than waking up in the middle of the night this week having dreamt about McDonald’s super salty french fries. Ok, so maybe that IS a craving.

Symptoms: Back to being tired. Travel this week took TONS out of me and I have to say that I am dreading travel for the next few weeks. Ironically, this is the time when the nurse practitioner, Sue, had suggested that travel be done by. Perhaps I understand better why. It’s not my comfort level, it’s just how tired I become without doing much of anything…and the driving requires a lot of brain power and focus. Nonetheless, I plan to continue to do it as long as I can. Have had some Braxton Hicks contractions (now I’m certain of it), in fact this morning as I ran an errand. It lasted for kind of a long time, I felt like, so that was interesting.

I am loving: feeling a bit more ‘ready’ — we got lots of great stuff at the shower last weekend and I’m really looking forward to the shower on Sept. 17 at our house with my family. I also really like that our Minnie girl makes her presence known regularly — no guessing about movement or how she’s doing. She’s kicking and punching and head butting me from the inside.

Sleep: Getting comfortable has been a challenge. I want SO BADLY to sleep on my stomach and am longing for that day. I have become pretty good at positioning myself with pillows and what not but I have found that the flatter I lay down, the harder it is to sleep, so I’m trying to prop up my head, which actually makes laying down more comfortable. Good to know.

I miss: remembering what my body looked like/felt like pre-baby, feeling good about my boobs-ass-lack of back fat.

I am looking forward to: putting the finishing touches on the nursery; spending time with Jon this weekend; the 50th anniversary party of the country club with the family on Saturday night; the upcoming shower with my family; my Dad working on putting down ceramic tile in our main bathroom. Meeting Bob & Molly’s little boy in the next three weeks!!

I am spazzing about: learning more about the labor and delivery process. I had scheduled the class for Sept. 10 and I am really fingers crossed that Jon can be there that day and that I don’t have to come up with a last minute solution. We are sort of going back and forth with one another right now about how to handle that. Also spazzing about the work travel — the work load would be fine minus the travel or the travel would be fine minus the workload, but both together are quite honestly pretty taxing.

Best moment of the week: sitting on the deck at my parents house last night laughing about names. I said I liked the name Micah (as we’re back to square one on names, add that to the spaz list)…but then I said “all her presents would be “ForMicah” which made me laugh. I don’t know, we just had a good time sitting around chit chatting and enjoying a nice summer evening. Definitely reinforces all the reasons we chose to live where we did.

Milestones: Braxton Hicks contractions (legitimate ones, with discomfort/pain the whole nine yards) and getting her clothes and gifts from last weekend’s shower put away.

Movement: Our party girl ways at 10 p.m. continue but we are now partying throughout the day. I can definitely feel appendages, but can’t identify what is what quite yet. The weirdest is when it feels like she’s shaking or having what I swear is a seizure or something. (Hopefully not, right? One more thing to worry about now). But, she just moves so much all at once and it sort of freaks me out. I find it harder and harder to ignore and carry on a conversation at work while that’s going on. It feels like the whole world can tell — but I really, really love that it’s our little secret, me and her.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: Nope – I’m in need of creating a habit in the worst way.

Diet: Being on the road is never good for my diet as fast food becomes a way of life. But, feel like my food intake has been relatively moderate in the whole scheme of things. Have been taking the antibiotic for the odorous discharge for a week now and that has now subsided and have been taking iron for the slight anemia the doctor announced I had…so, those things have combined to make me feel (in theory) pretty good. But I’m still tired.

Boobs & Belly Button: I’m now pretty much in sports bras all the time, thank you. And my belly button is an innie still, but it’s like a big gaping hole in the middle of my little (ok, that was optimistic) pregnant belly.

Goals for the upcoming week: Take some pics of Andrea’s family and see how I do in my practice session; clean the house; try not to let the travel suck the life out of me.

The Successful, Beautiful Shower!

Yesterday’s shower was absolutely a hit! Jen and her mom, Janet, worked their tushes off to put the whole thing together and pull it off…all while, I swear, Jen had the worst-luck-week-ever. But, you never would have known it. The house and yard were beautiful and it was so great to have our first shower under the belt.

The generosity and thoughtfulness were incredible. From the cute, handmade bibs and burp cloths from Jon’s cousin, Laurie, to the car seat from Jon’s parents and the Little Orphan Annie framed poem that my Mom gifted…and on and on and on. It was all so special. You’ll see in the pictures in the gallery below. I tried to add in the captions so you can get some of the gist of the day that way. I have left out the pictures of the play by play…but we have filled up half a closet and about a quarter of a rather large dresser. We have the infant car seat and bases, a matching crib sheet, lots of cute, girly outfits, the bouncy seat (brown and pink butterflies, the one pink thing I’ve allowed myself to put on the list that’s a house-staple).

Anywho – here are some photos of a great day with Jon’s family at Jen and Rick’s house!

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31 Weeks, Two Days: Status Update

Alright – better late than never. This week took a lot out of me being on the road for nearly the entire week and worrying about getting the house cleaned and ready to go in case we have visitors ahead of or after tomorrow’s shower at Jen’s house. But, with Jon and I both working out of town, it became a little bit daunting to say the least. Either way, I’m home now and spent some quality time with cleaning supplies in the last 24 hours, so I’m feeling better. Without delay, here’s a 31 weeks, 2 days status update!

Due Date: October 20, 2011.

Baby Developments: She keeps getting longer and fatter, is losing the cover of lanugo that was keeping her warm because her brain is SO advanced that she is now able to regulate her own body temperature. Way to go, Minnie!

Weight Gain: Had gained 1.6 pounds in the two weeks since my last doctor’s appointment, which brings the total weight gain to ~15.6 pounds for the entire pregnancy.

Cravings:  Water and pickles. Nothing new – I’ve always loved pickles and the jar of Claussen’s has taken a hit latey. But, nothing big.

Symptoms: Definitely feel more tired more regularly, which they say happens in the third trimester again. Also, definitely feeling more kicks and jabs than rolling movement in my belly, which is a result of the baby getting bigger and less amniotic fluid to cushion the blows.

I am loving: the nursery! It’s coming together so so so so well. I bought a rug at Ikea on the off chance I don’t finish the one that I am working on and I bought a book shelf for her room that isn’t actually going to work out, so I have to find a different purpose for that. But, loving that we’ve made some SERIOUS progress!

Sleep: Last night is a perfect example…I was EXHAUSTED and took the iPad and laid in bed listening to an episode of Antiques Roadshow. I was nearly passed out when Jon came to bed, but then was awake. And then was incredibly uncomfortable. Jon offered to turn on the air conditioning, but it wasn’t a temperature issue. I wound up heading to the couch and falling asleep until 3:15 when I made it back to bed finally. Finding a way to sleep comfortably is definitely a challenge.

I miss: my belly not hitting things when I turn around and having a drink when I want to. I would love, love, love to sit out on the deck with a glass of wine and enjoy the evening.

I am looking forward to: tomorrow’s shower at Jen’s house and to see the gifts that people are excited to give to our Minnie. I certainly don’t have a clue about what to expect, so I’m really looking forward to the time with Jon’s family.

I am spazzing about: how we’re going to make our long distance (again?!) relationship keep working with a baby due in the next few months. I mentioned to Jon last night that I hoped that he could work his schedule so that his rotation will allow him to be home  on Saturday, Sept. 10 for our childbirth class. I intentionally found the one day edition for our busy schedules. He said he can’t promise it because he doesn’t know how they’ll schedule him, but he’s going to try to make sure he’s back on that day. I also feel like it’s really good money and a great opportunity for him to have this experience. But, the birth of our child is for SURE going to only happen this one time and I can’t really fathom the thought of him not being prepared for it and being prepared for helping me. I guess I’m a little scared of him not knowing how to act in the delivery room, frankly, and having that be something that stands out in my mind. See, definitely spazzing over it.

Best moment of the week: Thursday night my Mom and Trevor came over to help carry heavy things I’d bought at Ikea into the house for me. I was laying on a new rug in the living room floor and said ‘ooh, that’s a baby part’ because there was a hard appendage sticking out in my belly. But, because I was laying on my back, I couldn’t totally see what was going on when I pulled up my shirt, but my Mom and Trev could. And they both screamed and ran away when our dear Minnie’s little arm-leg-elbow-foot (not sure which) moved and pushed across my belly. Trevor and my Mom thought she was coming out via my belly button, I think. Trevor said it was like something out of the movie Alien. He also said ‘That scared me Lindsay, I didn’t like that’. It was cute, but it was also really, really funny.

Milestones: The nursery is nearly finished! First shower tomorrow!

Movement: Our party girl ways at 10 p.m. continue.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: Not so good…I really need to get better. This week just got away from me.

Diet: Have been continuing my moderate intake of all things…which I feel like is good. And with just under two pounds gained in two weeks and a total of just about 16 pounds, I feel okay about that. However, there’s still two months to go, which if I gain about a pound per week from here on out, I’m staring 25 pounds gained in the face. Whatever.

Boobs & Belly Button: Boobs – the 40DD is too big I’ve decided. The bra itself isn’t the right solution for me. Too much coverage, so it hangs out of the shirts I wear. Not like I am wearing uber revealing clothes or anything, but the bra is just so. damn. big. My belly button remains in…but it’s totally weird to be able to see the bottom of it. Normally, my belly button is just an abyss that I have to clean with a QTip.

Goals for the upcoming week: Finish, finish the nursery. Thank you notes written for the shower.

30 Weeks: Status Update

So, today is officially, officially 30 weeks! Yeah!! The baby is still the size of the squash but weighs anywhere from 2.5-4 pounds. Holy moly!

Due Date: October 20, 2011.

Baby Developments: Her brain is developing more and more and she’s putting on FAT!!! That’s so she can be happy and healthy when she arrives in 10 short, short weeks!

Weight Gain: At the doctor’s appointment last Friday, I had gained five pounds since the previous appointment, for a total of about 12 throughout the pregnancy. I know I’m going to probably pack it on here at the end, so I did start back with walking this morning and I’m really trying to get a lot of water into my system.

Cravings: Nothing really. Water, can’t get enough of that.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain started and has subsided this week. Thank GOD! That was awful. Like someone punched me in the girl bits. Same ol’, same ol’ though.

I am loving: the very active little girl in my belly. It has struck me lately how she’ll never be any safer than she is right now…which is kind of cool and intimidating and scary all at once. But, I like it.

Sleep: Feeling more and more tired by the day, I have to say. I flew to an account this week and the travel by plane took it out of me. I think part of it is the stress of flying – the remembering what to pack, trying to get it all in a carry on, commiting to only the one outfit, the small toiletries. And, when I realized I was a 10 hour car drive or a flight away if anything happened and I went into labor…that will be my last flying trip.

I miss: my self-confidence in my body and a semblance of a shape…my regular size lovely boobies…which have ballooned to an obnoxious 40DD (I actually bought that size today).

I am looking forward to: a weekend at Clear Lake with Andrea, Frank and friends; Aunt Jody’s 25th wedding anniversary party on Saturday; getting the nursery painted and the furniture set up and moved into the room.

I am spazzing about: Jon just found out tonight that he has to go work over in  Benton Harbor at the Cook Nuclear Facility. He really doesn’t want to, but it’s work and now’s not the time to turn away from work. So, that’s developed just tonight. Ugh.

Best moment of the week: working on the nursery!

Milestones: The nursery is moving forward! And, our first shower is next Sunday!! That is really, really hard to believe.

Movement: Lots, a lot of the time. 10 p.m. is our party time, I guess. But, she’s also pretty active throughout the day. I find myself waking up to go to the bathroom and being pretty amazed at how much she’s moving and I don’t even know it.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: I did go for a walk this morning and have it on the list of things to do tomorrow morning.

Diet: Have been doing a bit better on the intake front…still not great…fully intend to cut out simple carbs after the baby comes. I just don’t feel like doing it to myself right now, frankly, but to get my body to a place I feel good about AFTER baby, I will be doing what it takes.

Boobs & Belly Button: Belly button is still an innie…thankfully. The boobs, as noted above, are obnoxious.

Goals for the upcoming week: Finalize the painting project in the nursery; clean the house in advance of any guests who may come to the house after the shower for Jon’s family next Sunday.

29 Weeks: Status Update

It’s that time of the week to update the status of this baby growing inside me…she’s now the size of a SQUASH. I don’t know, the eggplant seemed bigger, but whatever.

Due Date:
October 20, 2011. But, I’m sticking with Week 29 status update. Why not. Call me an optimist.

Baby Developments: Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to the formation of white fat deposits beneath the skin. Baby is also settling into sleep and waking cycles though they don’t necessarily coincide with your own. Also this month, all five senses are finally functional, and the brain and nervous system are going through major developments. She’s somewhere between 15-17 inches (probably on the longer side if I had to guess) and 2.5 – 4 pounds. If baby were born today, she’d be likely to survive without TONS of medical intervention.

Weight Gain: Currently, I’m up 6.6 pounds total this pregnancy and probably up around 10 pounds now. We’ll see next Friday when I head to the doctor.

Cravings: Water, lots of water. Not doing a great job getting all the water that I crave, but I also don’t necessarily enjoy sitting on the toilet peeing for 75% of my day.

Symptoms: Don’t get grossed out (this is where you skip to the next bold part if you simply don’t want to know): discharge. They say it’s normal and it’s nothing totally bizarre, but it is a recent development. I’m H-O-T hot ALL the time. I feel menopausal (couldn’t be further from that truth, huh?) I get so damn hot. Jon can’t handle riding in the car with me because I keep it so cold.

I am loving: lots of Minnie’s movements. Now’s the time when all the baby websites tell you to start keeping track of kicks…how long it takes to feel 10. I can tell a little more what’s going on in there — when she’s stretching (discomfort on my end), when she’s rolling (or attempting to) or just freaking herself out and being jumpy. Pretty cool. Haven’t been able to tell what appendages are what, but that’s coming quick I bet.

Sleep: Need a lot of it, get tired easily, like naps and can sleep for a long time. This is probably because I am up 5 times a night to go potty.

I miss: Feeling good about the thought of wearing a dress; having a closet full of clothes to choose from.

I am looking forward to: getting going on Minnie’s room. Jon insists it’ll happen — but he’s also begun painting the garage. I won’t get into it here, but suffice it to say that it’s a point of contention in our relationship these days. Also looking forward to Molly’s shower tomorrow and her shower at home on Thursday. Getting excited for my own showers on August 21 and September 17, too!

I am spazzing about: getting the nursery complete (see: started) and figuring out our insurance. Beyond that, I feel pretty much at ease.

Best moment of the week: arriving at HOME after being on the road for three days straight.

Milestones: Signed up for birthing class, infant care class and breastfeeding class. And Jon scheduled them all in his phone/calendar, too. Both are milestones.

Movement: Minnie still is a 10 p.m. ball of activity.

It’s a….: sweet baby girl!

Exercise: I wish.

Diet: See Exercise.

Boobs & Belly Button: Went bra shopping this week twice. I MAY need a 40 DD. I don’t know, need to measure. But these things are growing at a ridiculous pace. The belly button is still deep. When I wear shirts, you can see my belly button hole because it’s so deep, and it stretches across the middle of my shirt. But, it’s not as deep as it was…but it’s not in any danger right now of ‘popping’.

Goals for the upcoming week: Help Jon paint the garage and the bathroom so that those two items are done so we can get the nursery DONE. It’s seriously giving me palpitations the more days that pass. I wish that Jon WANTED to do this for me/him/the baby but that’s just not happening. I don’t know. That’s the only goal. Oh, and to get our insurance figured out.