It’s true.


I’ve been elected.


To the board of Clio Country Club – the golf course where we are members and whatnot.


There were four of us running for three spots. So it was kind of a bummer when a guy who I thought for sure would be re-elected ended up not being…


I’m the only woman on the board.




Our golf course (country club if you would call it that) is very, very blue collar. Which is something I love about it.


Anyway, I actually really wanted to be elected. Oddly, my Dad is on the board too. He and I have differing perspectives on lots of things, so I don’t think that we’ll be taking over the world any time soon, but it’s nice to know we’ll share this in common.


I’ll just share with you the bio I sent in for the ballots and you can do the rest. Mine took up one side of the sheet – the other three guys were on the other side with one paragraph apiece.


I also submitted a photo of myself (oddly enough, this one when I was nine months pregnant, but I feel like I looked pretty damn good, honestly, at least from the neck up).


Herewith, my entry for electability…

The reorganization meeting with the rest of the board is tomorrow. And so, the 3-year term begins!

Lindsay Carpenter
Candidate, Clio Country Club Board of Directors

When you hear my name, what registers may be Scott and Wendy Carpenter’s daughter or Bill and Rosemary Carpenter’s granddaughter. I am immensely proud of both of those definitions – but I am also now a dues-paying member of Clio Country Club and I’m running for its Board of Directors.

I am a mother – to Elle Mason and the future wife of Jon Mason. I’m running for the Board because I believe passionately and whole-heartedly in the lessons I learned here, the friendships I made and now, as a member myself, the experiences and memories I’m building with my family and this large, caring, community of golfers.

Since my first jobs washing dishes and tending to carts at the “old” clubhouse, I’ve gone on to receive my BA in English from Alma College where I was a four-year all conference golfer; completed my MBA through the University of Phoenix; served as a member of the Board of the Clio Rotary Club; a member of the Birch Run Area Chamber and CVB’s marketing committee; a member of the Circle Michigan marketing committee and; on Clio’s Vision 2020 Economic Development Task Force. I am currently employed as the Assistant General Manager at Birch Run Premium Outlets.

The work that has been done to create a thriving golf course and membership has been tough and inspiring. It is important to the health and longevity of this golf course that my generation begin to learn from those that have been here longest. That is what I seek to do as a board member – preserve the magnificence of the golf course and bolster its membership. We must continue and build upon the work that has already begun and instill the nostalgia that I feel for this majestic place in those members or future members who may not yet understand or embrace what so many know and love about this golf course.

As a third generation member of Clio Country Club, I understand what this place can mean to a family. I look forward to preserving what we have so that – someday – a fourth generation will feel the same way about it here as I do.

I ask for your support and vote to serve on your behalf as a member of Clio Country Club’s Board of Directors.

Thank You.