Call of Duty…

Jon is a video gamer. That’s his hobby. While mine might be considering shopping, crocheting, photography, golf (not so much, really) or a variety of other things, Jon’s is video games.

Today, I needed to run some errands at Babies R Us (exchanging some items, getting some more nipples for the Playtex bottles we’re using, etc.), needed to run by the post office, stop to pick up a much-delayed gift (excited to give it ASAP!) and stop at Sam’s Club to evaluate the cost of the Similac formula we’ve gone with thus far.

I was going to go quickly…and asked Jon if he wanted to go, too…and to my surprise, he said ‘yes’.

We were on our way to the stores and Jon mentioned he’d like to stop by Best Buy…hmmmm…that’s weird.

Ah ha!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came out today.

So, our first stop was Best Buy for Jon to pick up his video game.

As a disclaimer, he hasn’t been enamored with the XBOX for awhile now. It’s been almost 8 months since he last played, if I had to guess. But, this weekend our friends were over with Devyn, their 8 year old son (and Jon’s little buddy) and they got the XBox hooked up online, and set up in the upstairs dining room. Jon mentioned that night that I was probably going to not like the fact that he’d set it all up…

And, as I sit here updating my blog, Jon is playing his video game…with Elle sleeping in the bouncy chair next to him. As much as I hate the video game time, I love that he wanted her to hang out with him while he’s playing his dumb games.

I also found it incredibly humorous that Jon came back to the car after running into Best Buy for his game and mentioned, “You know this game’s popular when the guy with the little girl that walked in ahead of me, and the guy that walked in behind me, all walked straight to the Call of Duty display and to the register.”

I had noticed the guy with the little girl and had wondered if Jon had – just kind of thinking of what it could be like in a few years when Elle is older (so weird to think about – I like her little!!). Obviously, he had (though probably hadn’t given it the thoughts I have here). But I thought it was cute/funny/neat that he had contemplated the men around him doing what he was doing. Made me wonder if he had been harboring his own guilt for video gaming as a Dad…not sure, but it was fun to contemplate 🙂

Anyway, we ran our errands and got back home…just in time for an explosive poop incident. I had Elle dressed in a too-cute-for-words turtleneck and leggings…and she shit all over it. I’m losing 2-0 for Mom-thinks-it’s-a-super-cute-outfit to Elle’s bowel movements (Halloween night being the first).

So, between Call of Duty and explosive poop, the morning and early afternoon have really been something for this Mom!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way…