Andrea’s Family Photos – September 2011

Took photos of Andrea’s family on September 23 – but haven’t fooled around with the pics much and didn’t feel very good about my abilities after this first family photo shoot in my repertoire. However, I’m sharing the photos here…I’m feeling a bit better about how some of the editing came out and am all for any feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism.

Shooting a family of four – and their dog – is definitely more of a challenge than professionals make it seem!


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Infant Photos: Drew. Day One, Five and Thirty

This was my first hospital visit to see a baby since, well, probably my 23-year-old brother was born! It was good to see what I’m in for in just 11 short weeks (well, 11 weeks now…I’m a bit delayed in photo updates). The cool thing I’ve discovered tonight are these gallery settings. I’m going to try out the slideshow on this one…why not, right?!

Drew, Day One. I’ve known him his WHOLE life!!


Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Drew arrived 12 hours premature 😉 at Hurley Medical Center. Last night, at about quarter to seven, he arrived. Andrea had been scheduled for a C-section this morning at 7:30 a.m., but contractions began on Saturday and Drew was here yesterday. I like him already — bucking the system!

Other big news yesterday: My Mom’s best friend, Terri, found out she, too, after a LONG, LONG wait, is going to be a Grandma, too!!!! I grew up with her son, Galon, who is a few years older than me. Her son Logan is about the same age as my brother, Trevor. My Mom and Terri, having been best friends since they were 2, were pregnant together and are now going to be grandma’s together. Annnddddd…my Mom was with Terri yesterday when Galon and his wife Hol-leigh (I think I spelled that right) broke the exciting news to Terri. Too freaking cool.

Someone on my facebook this morning mentioned that it’s the year of the baby — so many people having babies or announcing they’re pregnant. I’m glad it’s not just me that feels that way. It seriously seems like it IS. I think it was because it was a long winter…or something…:)


Anyway, here’s an update from MY life:

Yesterday, Jon and his Dad worked on finishing up the overhead lighting throughout the upper level of the house. When we moved in almost every single switch went to an outlet, so we had no overhead lighting (other than the off-center to the room fan in our bedroom). Sooo, Jon and his Dad have been working periodically over the last few weeks to run the electrical, fix the switches and get everything ready. My job was to purchase the light fixtures (which, of course, I hated…shopping is SO what I hate :). So, my Mom and I went out Saturday and purchased all the fixtures we needed: a ceiling fan for Minnie’s room, a ceiling fan for our bedroom, a fixture for the office and two exhaust fans with lights (one for each bathroom).

The key to all of this is that we NEED DESPERATELY to add insulation to the attic. We’ve known this since the inspection of the house prior to purchase. It’s been on the list, but has gotten pushed down time and again. We wanted to run the wiring in the attic before we dump 12 inches of insulation up there, so that’s been the hold up. And, the only thing standing between me and nursery completion is insulation in the attic (the only access to the attic is through Minnie’s room). I don’t want to have to get the nursery set up, get it all dusty/insulation/icky, and then clean it again. So, I’m waiting. Rather patiently, I may add. (Jon may debate this point). So, after the insulation is in the attic, we’re going to be done with projects for awhile, I think. Other than Minnie’s room, of course. Saving money’s got to be on the top of the list. For sure.

The lighting in the house looks SO good. Changes the way I feel about a lot of the rooms. When I walked into Minnie’s room yesterday, I was like ‘ahhhh, I can see it coming together FINALLY’. Even though it was a simple ceiling fan, it really lifted my spirits on the whole working-to-complete-the-nursery plan.

Well, I’m working to catch up before vacation this week, so am in the office all week long. Already completed a big project that was looming over my head all weekend, so glad that’s done. And now, it’s on to two more HUGE projects and then I’m done and on vacation for 10 days!!!

I’ll post a weekly update soon — I swear!


Dear Drew,

Note: Drew is my friend Andrea and Frank’s pending arrival and I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately…thus today’s post.

Dear Drew,

You’ll be here in just 2 1/2 days! I can’t believe it – we’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival for over nine months now. Your Mom and Dad are great friends of mine and I’ve known both of them for a REALLY long time. I was in their wedding last year, too. They’ve been waiting for you to come for even longer than you’ve been in your Mom’s belly!!

Seriously, they are both SO excited for you to get here. Your Dad is ready to be your DAD and to do all sorts of boy things with you. He’s already an awesome Dad to your big brother, Devyn. (Don’t tell him this, but it’s honestly one of the things I am most proud of in him — how great of a Dad he is already to Devyn!)

Your Mom and I have known each other since we were REALLY little. Our Dad’s went to school together in Clio and your Mom’s grandma and grandpa and mine both had cottages on the same lake (Clear Lake — that’s a story for another time, buddy). I remember your Mom coming over to our cottage with your Uncle Jeremy to jump on the trampoline in the summer and I remember going to their cottage to slide down the slide they had in the lake. I was always jealous of that super-cool slide.That, and your Papa’s super fast blue boat with the big motor (you’ll be driving that in no time!).

Your Mom and I ended up going to the same high school, too. We were even friends then. We had a lot of the same friends upnorth at Clear Lake. Really, we grew up together.

Your Dad was a year older than me in school and he graduated from Clio, too. He was quite the athlete back then (football, hockey, baseball — you name it). He and I have a lot of the same friends, too.And now, we’re all grown ups and we’re still friends. It’s hard to do that in your life, stay friends with people for a lifetime — but I’ll tell you this little secret: it’s worth it.

Isn’t it exciting that you and I will be friends for your WHOLE life? I think so.

And the most exciting part is that you’ll be just four months older than my “Minnie” girl! How cool will that be?? You guys will get to be friends from the days you were born — you will have both been in your Mommy’s tummies at the exact same time. You’ll grow up knowing each other and playing with her and fighting over toy sharing. I’m really glad about that — know why? I grew up with a bunch of MY Mom’s friends’ sons (Chad, Colt, Galon) and even though we don’t see each other often at all anymore, we grew up together and are friends from waaay back. It’s good to have people that have known you for a long time like that. And I’m so thrilled that my Minnie will have you as a forever friend like that!

My hope is that you’ll be an awesome sleeper in the next couple of months, that you’ll let me hold and cuddle you without crying (I need practice buddy, Minnie’s coming in just FOUR MONTHS) and let me take some fun pictures of you over the next four months so I can get some good photography practice in before Minnie arrives. Hopefully that’s a deal.

Honestly, you couldn’t be getting two better parents. They have been working so hard to get ready for you — your room is all ready and waiting for you. Your Dad and Uncle Bob and Grandpa Jim just finished the basement so you’ll have lots of extra room to play in and Devyn — well — he’s a busy guy but he’s going to be such a good big brother, I just know it. Your Dad is a good big brother, so I know he’ll show Devyn how it’s done!

You’re a lucky guy and I can’t wait to meet you SO, SO soon!!

Be careful on your way here!