Did I Really Just Accidentally Baby Talk a College Kid?

…and other things I do these days that boggle the mind.

I was on campus at Butler University this week, doing intercept surveys for work.

Day one, I’m waiting before lunch, talking to some students and asking them to take this survey.

There is a young man/college student extraordinaire standing in line for lunch. He is wearing – I kid you not – silver sparkle pants that, come to find out, his mother made for him.

How did I find this out?

Well, because I asked him:

“Ooooh, where did you get your preeee-ey-preeee-ey sparkow panssssss?”

I didn’t think anything of it until he looked at me and said:

“What?” as though I were handicapped in some way.

Oh crap, I realize. I just talked baby talk to a 20-something college student who, for whatever reason, is wearing homemade silver sparkle pants. In front of like 25 other people. Somehow I was embarrassed for myself and not for him and his preeeeypreeeysparkowpanssssss.

Elle likes it when I talk like that to her, smiles super big, babbles back at me.

Turns out when you talk that way to college students, they just think you’re an idiot.

And another reason gets added to the list why I no longer feel like I ‘just graduated’ from college.