Elle’s Hairs Cut

Elle got her hair cut! All of her hairs, in fact.

I struggled…her wispy, thin hair was in her eyes, Jon kept saying “she needs her hair cut” and I kept trying to get emotionally worked up about cutting her hair. And I just couldn’t.

So, I scheduled an appointment with a trusted friend – Andrea’s stepmother-in-law, Kate, who is awesome! I took Elle after work and it was a riot!!

March2013-1Here we are having just arrived to Kate’s salon. The barette was a huge help to keep the hair out of her eyes, but at school they can’t really keep it in because the chances of some other kid eating it are pretty great. So, on school days pigtails, which didn’t go all the way back into pigtails, so then there was hair everywhere. And with our wedding on the horizon, I didn’t want Elle’s haircut to be just before the wedding and then hate the hair cut. So, I chose a random day in March for her first hair cut.

Here’s a link to the video of Elle’s first hairs cut. I sound pretty emotional, actually, in it. I kind of was after the snips had happened. But, I was glad it was done.

March2013-2And here she is, one simple ‘snip’ later with bangs!

I’m glad that we got her bangs cut — as awful as I sometimes feel admitting this, the bangs hide the birthmark remnants of her hemangioma. And while people don’t ask about it nearly as much, they often assume ‘oh, she must have really bonked her head’ or ‘did she just learn to walk and take a nasty tumble?’. So, for now, I kind of feel like keeping bangs might just take that conversation away. I know it comes across as vain, but it’s not just that. I just want everyone and anyone else to see her, not the birthmark she’s got on her head.

So, there’s my super cute girlie. She was so good the entire time getting her hair cut. She sat on the stool thing with that cape on the whole time. She held onto her magazine (an Avon catalog) and was so darn cute the whole time. She loved getting pumped up in the chair and checking herself out in the mirror. It was just so much fun to take her to the salon and have her get all do’ed up!! 🙂