Nolan – Day Four

At it again, I was photographing Nolan, Molly’s new baby boy. He is so sweet and laid back like his Mom and Dad!!

This was definitely a quick shoot and it’s not as easy to move around my big old pregnant body, but I was happy with some of the shots we did get. Can’t wait to practice shooting him again – hopefully this week!!

In the meantime, constructive criticism, feedback and comments on anything I can do to take better photos next time, I’m all ears!

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Jay’s Girls: June 2011

My best friend from waaaaayyy back was in town in June and I took photos of her girls then. These are just a few that I’ve mulled through this far. More to come, of course, some random Friday night down the road when I sit and do this again…until then, Alivia, Stella and Amelia.

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Infant Photos: Drew. Day One, Five and Thirty

This was my first hospital visit to see a baby since, well, probably my 23-year-old brother was born! It was good to see what I’m in for in just 11 short weeks (well, 11 weeks now…I’m a bit delayed in photo updates). The cool thing I’ve discovered tonight are these gallery settings. I’m going to try out the slideshow on this one…why not, right?!

Drew, Day One. I’ve known him his WHOLE life!!