Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Drew arrived 12 hours premature 😉 at Hurley Medical Center. Last night, at about quarter to seven, he arrived. Andrea had been scheduled for a C-section this morning at 7:30 a.m., but contractions began on Saturday and Drew was here yesterday. I like him already — bucking the system!

Other big news yesterday: My Mom’s best friend, Terri, found out she, too, after a LONG, LONG wait, is going to be a Grandma, too!!!! I grew up with her son, Galon, who is a few years older than me. Her son Logan is about the same age as my brother, Trevor. My Mom and Terri, having been best friends since they were 2, were pregnant together and are now going to be grandma’s together. Annnddddd…my Mom was with Terri yesterday when Galon and his wife Hol-leigh (I think I spelled that right) broke the exciting news to Terri. Too freaking cool.

Someone on my facebook this morning mentioned that it’s the year of the baby — so many people having babies or announcing they’re pregnant. I’m glad it’s not just me that feels that way. It seriously seems like it IS. I think it was because it was a long winter…or something…:)


Anyway, here’s an update from MY life:

Yesterday, Jon and his Dad worked on finishing up the overhead lighting throughout the upper level of the house. When we moved in almost every single switch went to an outlet, so we had no overhead lighting (other than the off-center to the room fan in our bedroom). Sooo, Jon and his Dad have been working periodically over the last few weeks to run the electrical, fix the switches and get everything ready. My job was to purchase the light fixtures (which, of course, I hated…shopping is SO what I hate :). So, my Mom and I went out Saturday and purchased all the fixtures we needed: a ceiling fan for Minnie’s room, a ceiling fan for our bedroom, a fixture for the office and two exhaust fans with lights (one for each bathroom).

The key to all of this is that we NEED DESPERATELY to add insulation to the attic. We’ve known this since the inspection of the house prior to purchase. It’s been on the list, but has gotten pushed down time and again. We wanted to run the wiring in the attic before we dump 12 inches of insulation up there, so that’s been the hold up. And, the only thing standing between me and nursery completion is insulation in the attic (the only access to the attic is through Minnie’s room). I don’t want to have to get the nursery set up, get it all dusty/insulation/icky, and then clean it again. So, I’m waiting. Rather patiently, I may add. (Jon may debate this point). So, after the insulation is in the attic, we’re going to be done with projects for awhile, I think. Other than Minnie’s room, of course. Saving money’s got to be on the top of the list. For sure.

The lighting in the house looks SO good. Changes the way I feel about a lot of the rooms. When I walked into Minnie’s room yesterday, I was like ‘ahhhh, I can see it coming together FINALLY’. Even though it was a simple ceiling fan, it really lifted my spirits on the whole working-to-complete-the-nursery plan.

Well, I’m working to catch up before vacation this week, so am in the office all week long. Already completed a big project that was looming over my head all weekend, so glad that’s done. And now, it’s on to two more HUGE projects and then I’m done and on vacation for 10 days!!!

I’ll post a weekly update soon — I swear!