Molly’s Maternity Session: Baby G

As we all know, most of my girlfriends are pregnant, too! Molly is due Sept. 20 and today was the day to make sure that we got a solid maternity photo shoot in. I feel like I’m much more ‘advanced’ in my skills than the first go-round with Andrea. So, I also spent some time getting to know the editing tools within my camera — and here’s the result. Most of these I edited, so you’re not seeing original, originals, but they’re really good if I do say so, for my amateur shooting self.

Enjoy, feedback (on the photo composition, not the subject who practically doesn’t even LOOK pregnant) is welcome!

So excited to meet Baby G in EXACTLY one month!!

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31 Weeks, 2 Days: Self-Portraits

Ok, I wanted to take some legitimate photos. I had about 2.3 seconds to get a couple in and I was just mainly playing around with light, camera position and my body angles and positions. Learned some things, which is good. Here are a few of my faves from this morning’s self-portrait session!

Please keep in mind that the focus-ing issues have more to do with the fact that I was using the self-timer, which runs all of 10 seconds, and running around the dining room to get into position, positioning myself, and trying to determine serious vs. smile all within that 10 second range. I don’t feel like my self-timed, self-potraits are all bad. Would get a lot easier with another set of hands to push the dumb camera button (Jon’s still in bed!).

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Maternity Photos: Andrea, June 2011

Andrea is one of my best friends and her maternity photos we took (my first-ever try) exactly eight days before Drew’s arrival. I think we got some good ones for me being a total novice!