The Nursery: Completed

Well, the biggest project in our lives other than actually HAVING and BRINGING HOME baby (only six-ish weeks!!) is complete. Ok, pseudo-complete. There are three more holes to put in the walls to hang some artwork. But, other than that, it’s COMPLETE. So complete, in fact, that I took some photos to share here. I know you’ve been waiting patiently to see what we’ve done, so here are a few snapshots. Nothing fancy or photographer-equivalent but at least you get the feel for it. It is my FAVORITE room in the house.

So, this first picture is taken from the doorway. The back wall is “Morrocan Red” from the Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2011 color collection. The other three walls in the room are Brown TeePee, which is the color in Andrea & Frank’s laundry and bathrooms, which I liked a lot. So, let me guide you through the details: The ottoman was from JCPenney’s. The crib is Bedford Baby for JCPenney’s. The artwork on the walls from left to right…the Picasso Peace Dove is from, the long five-sketch Picasso drawings is from Ikea (seriously) and the Rooster and Evening Flowers Picasso prints are from with frames from Ikea. The blinds came from Budget Blinds. The side table is from Hobby Lobby. The rug is from Ikea.

Here’s a photo that shows a better view of the crib and the floors and you get a feel for the room on the whole. Love, love, love how that Picasso Peace Dove looks above the crib. Originally, I bought it intending it to go on the red wall, but after sitting in the rocker/glider for many hours contemplating, I put it right there. What really made the room feel completed was getting the crib skirt from today and getting it on. Trust me when I tell you that while it does not stand out in this photo, without it, you would wonder why there was no crib skirt.

Now, I’ve talked about how we had the bedding custom made by Kathy, one of my mom’s best girlfriends. But, I haven’t debuted it yet. I was saving it. Because it’s a favorite part of the room, too. I have envisioned our Minnie Girl laying on it, playing, sleeping, and all the pictures to come with this as a logical backdrop. But, here you can see the fabric, the patterns and the colors.


The breakdown of this bedroom:

Bedford Baby Crib,
Bedding (Quilt and Crib Sheet)
Bedskirt (
Glider & Ottoman (JCPenney)
Rug (Ikea)
Non-Skid Rug Thing (Menards)
Posters for Walls (All, &
Frames for Walls (All, Ikea)
Picasso Peace Dove Wall Decal (TradingPhrases)
Dresser (Not Pictured, from Ikea)
Locker Basket for Books (Land of Nod)
Side Table next to Glider (Hobby Lobby)
Paint (Two Gallons)
Hamper, Red & Blue (Land of Nod)


I have always imagined/envisioned having a Picasso nursery and this is better than I could have planned in my head. It has really come together and just feels like a room I’m going to love being in with Baby Girl whenever she makes her illustrious debut!

I definitely could have done this on a more strict budget than I did — but I also feel like the spot where my budget got busted was in the artwork and frames. The furniture, the crib could not have been cheaper for the quality we got, the glider and ottoman we could have probably gotten something different, cheaper, but on the whole, I’m really, really please with how this whole room has come together.

I can’t wait for Minnie to come home to her new room!!

More soon,