Nolan – Day Four

At it again, I was photographing Nolan, Molly’s new baby boy. He is so sweet and laid back like his Mom and Dad!!

This was definitely a quick shoot and it’s not as easy to move around my big old pregnant body, but I was happy with some of the shots we did get. Can’t wait to practice shooting him again – hopefully this week!!

In the meantime, constructive criticism, feedback and comments on anything I can do to take better photos next time, I’m all ears!

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Andrea’s Family Photos – September 2011

Took photos of Andrea’s family on September 23 – but haven’t fooled around with the pics much and didn’t feel very good about my abilities after this first family photo shoot in my repertoire. However, I’m sharing the photos here…I’m feeling a bit better about how some of the editing came out and am all for any feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism.

Shooting a family of four – and their dog – is definitely more of a challenge than professionals make it seem!


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The Girls: A Better Glimpse

Not gonna lie, even looking back through these pictures it occurs to me: that wasn’t easy. Three girls across the spectrum of ages — a pre-teen, a toddler and an almost three-month old infant. Learned a lot from shooting them, though. Everyone needs to have a snack or at least a full tummy and coordinating outfits/planning ahead DOES make good sense. If given the chance, I’d definitely do a lot of things differently on my end. Thankfully the kids are cute — so that made the event not suck in the end.


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