Elle’s Empty Box: Christmas 2012

Dear Elle,

Tonight is Christmas Eve – it’s 40 minutes precisely from being Christmas. Last year, I wrote to you about an empty box and what it meant. I re-read it last night to remind myself, as I continued to contemplate what you would get this year in your empty box.

This year, I selected PBS to give in your honor, and what will take the place of a gift for you this year. We will now be a part of “Viewers Like You” and that makes me happy – we get so much from PBS and I’m so glad to support them in your name.

This is your second Christmas, officially. The first where you’ve had a firm grasp and can rip open presents — but you’re still not as enthralled with Christmas as I remain. That will come.

So many times tonight – as we prepared for Santa, as we opened gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Mason’s, as we unloaded the car, as we ate dinner, and more…I thought “it will be sooo many years before we have a Christmas Eve this low-key”. And I’m grateful for that — and looking forward to all the chaos and mayhem you’re set to bring our way!

I pulled up the letter I wrote you (the one I won’t share with the world) and re-read it.

I was proud of myself. Proud of what I wished for you to learn out of this tradition that we began. Proud that we have a tradition, that we are a family, that we have grown so much in the last year, together.

This Christmas is so much fun – and I know it’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as Christmases go.

We’ve got three parties (other than our own at-home celebration) to attend tomorrow, not to mention tonight at Grandma and Grandpa Mason’s and last night here with all of our family on Grandma Wendy’s side.

Anyway – there will be more on those things, but here is what I want you to know.

We spend so much time watching Curious George and Melmo (Elmo) and Clifford the Big Red Dog and Super Why and Martha Speaks, etc. I enjoy the shows enough that I don’t feel compelled to change the channel (and so, so much more than SpongeBob Squarepants).

It seemed only fitting that we contribute to PBS this year, to ensure that when it says, at each show, that this show was made possible by Viewers Like You that WE will be those viewers.

It’s important to support the things – places, people, attractions, events – that you value, because if you do not they will go away. This is true in our community – this is true in the global world of television. It is true in all things that we do.

I hope that I can continue to guide you the way I aspired to do last year on this night and the way I want to tonight.

So here’s to tomorrow morning, to Santa coming and to feeling like we’re a part of something, when they say Viewers Like You.

I love you, girlie.

I love you.

Merry Christmas.