“I Don’t Know How You Do It”

This conversation took place yesterday afternoon over the phone, as I’m traveling for work…

Me: “How’s Girlfriend doing?”

Jon: “Good. … … I don’t know how you do it, get anything done with her around. She falls asleep, I set her down in her chair and she wakes up in like a half hour.”

Me: “Yeah, you have to learn how to get things done in 30-45 minute increments, because some babies sleep for long stretches, some are cat-nappers. I think we’ve got a cat-napper.”

Jon: “Seriously. It’s long enough to make a sandwich and eat it and that’s about it.”

Me: “Being a stay-at-home-Mom is hard work, isn’t it?”


This conversation was awesome. Loved it, every minute of it. Wanted to capture it for posterity’s sake.

Happy Thursday to all!