I Spent the Day With Santa



I spent the day with Santa today, as part of my job. And let me tell you, THAT is one quick way to restore your faith in people after the insanity of yesterday. Santa with Shoppers-5So, here are some random people with Santa.

You walk along, as Santa’s ‘elf’ and hold the bag of candy canes. Being dressed in regular clothes, you’re inconspicuous. And you watch people. You watch kids, some who believe and some who questionably believe and some who’ve given up,  for whatever reason, in believing.

And you see them all, each of them, and the way their faces light up at the surprise of Santa.

You see the smile spread across their face.

You hear the horns honk from cars as he waves, his bells jingling, and his jolly smile emanating.

It’s AHhhhh-MAZING.

And it was what I needed today.

Despite not wearing the right clothes, or shoes, to be in the cold for so long, I had the best time. We took our time, we interacted with people.

One woman came up and said ‘I haven’t had my picture taken with Santa in over 20 years’ and she hugged him tight.

Some families said ‘oh good, we weren’t sure we’d see you this year’ and parents with kids seemed grateful for the distraction.

In one store, a little girl squealed with delight and the whole store laughed heartily when she, in that little tiny voice reserved for very little girls, said breathily “Sah-ntahhhh, I can’t believe you’re here!!!!!!!”

It warmed my heart (if not my toes).

Honestly, the light that comes over people when they see a man with a white beard, dressed in red velvet is absolutely incredible.

So, Santa Claus, as I always have, I still believe in you.

Thank you for today.

It is the only gift that I need.