91(ish) Days to Go…The List Gets Updated

I’m trying to commit to the idea of October 20, based on what the ACTUAL confirmed due date is as of Monday. That gives me 91 days. I thought I’d take a look back at the list I made at 106 days to go and see how we’re doing…here goes…

1. Clean her room.
2. Clean floors with vinegar and water in her room.
3. Insullation in the attic.
4. Remove hardware from the walls in her room.
5. Fill the holes left by the hardware removal.
6. Prime the walls (necessary?)
7. Paint the walls.
8. Purchase the paint for the walls.
9. Order the wall decal for her room.
10. Order the prints.
11. Purchase the frames for the prints.
12. Frame the prints.
13. Hang the frames.
14. Put the crib together.
15. Buy a crib mattress.
16. Put the dresser together.
17. Move the glider/rocker/ottoman into her room.
18. Finish the rug for her room.
19. Buy more supplies to finish the rug for her room.
20. Cut up the rectangles for the rug for her room.
21. Find additional fabric for the bumpers.
22. Take the fabric to Sandy’s.
23. Determine a solution for blinds.
24. Determine a solution for curtains.
25. Sew the curtain tie-backs.
26. Purchase the closet organizer for my closet.
27. Install the closet organizer for my closet.
28. Remove all of my stuff from her room into my organized closet. (Shoved it in a downstairs closet for the time being…).
29. Hang up clothes in her room.
30. Clean the closet in her room.
31. Paint the closet in her room.
32. Paint the closets in our room.
33. Get the dresser/changing table stocked for arrival.
34. Determine how to get Jon on my approved emergency person at the hospital.
35. Glucose tolerance testing (at some point). (This is happening August 5).
36. 2nd Ultrasound at Hurley, 7/7
37. Appointment with Nurse at Neubeck’s office, 7/18 (aka 28 week appointment)
38. Molly’s shower – purchase a gift.
39. Molly’s shower – attend (one or two?). (Attending both, I think, it appears that my work schedule will allow this).
40. Aunt Jody’s 25th wedding anniversary party.
41. Minnie’s baby shower on 9/17.
42. Turn 31.
43. Assemble my new bird table.
44. Read a good book or two.
45. See the new Harry Potter movie.
46. Take newborn pictures of Drew.
47. Fix the bathroom walls (Dad).
48. Re-paint the bathroom.
49. Determine a solution for the floors in the bathrooms.
50. Organize the downstairs bedroom.
51. Consolidate my jewelry into one location.
52. Bring order to the pantry.
53. Paint the dining room table.
54. Paint the railing on the main stairway.
55. Wash the white plastic furniture on the upstairs deck.
56. Clean tracks on the sliding doors.
57. Evict the birds from their nests around my house.
58. Clean the garage.
59. Powerwash the garage floor.
60. Determine shelving solution for the garage.
61. Return the moving blankets to Aunt Jill & Uncle Mike.
62. Get the paint splatters off the floors in both dining rooms.
63. Vacuum.
64. Organize the downstairs kitchen pantry.
65. Find a pediatrician off the list.
66. Find a comfortable child care solution locally.
67. Determine my maternity leave calendar.
68. Determine what work looks like when I return from maternity leave.
69. Get paint estimates for the upper level of the house.
70. Finish the green blanket.
71. Finish the yellow blanket.
72. Finish the pink blanket.
73. Finish the black blanket.
74. New sales bid at the museum.
75. Enjoy a 10-day vacation.
76. Enjoy four day work weeks throughout July! (This didn’t happen, I wanted to save all the vacay I could based on the FMLA/leave discussion with my boss).
77. Play golf a few more times.
78. Spend time on the water, in a boat, in the sun.
79. Take my kayak out.
80. Take my kayak out again.
81. Sit on the patio with Jon and enjoy the evening. (Could stand to do this several more times, but it was nice when Frank and Andrea stopped by with Drew a few weeks ago and we just enjoyed the back patio and drinks).
82. Develop content for my new website.
83. Order the mobile for her room.
84. Complete the baby registry.
85. Return the carpet cleaner to Grandma Carpenter.
86. Birthday present for Molly.
87. Go computer shopping.
88. Figure out a solution for a TV in the bedroom.
89. Complete marketing calendars for all 13 accounts.
90. Complete site visits at all 13 accounts before opening.
91. Complete site visits at all 13 accounts after opening.
92. Spray for bugs in the downstairs living room.
93. Purchase a book case for the downstairs living room.
94. Purchase at least one barstool for downstairs bar.
95. Fix the leaky faucet in the upstairs kitchen.
96. Replace the shower head in the big bathroom.
97. Replace the shower spout in the big bathroom.
98. Replace the broken handle in the master bathroom.
99. Fix the slow drain in the master bathroom. (I had Plumbing Professors out to the house, but oddly, the drains are now going just fine all on their own…Murphy’s Law).
100. Figure out how to show pictures on my blog(s).
101. Take out the recycling.
102. Return the bottles/cans.
103. Order new hardware for the closet in her room.
104. Go upnorth to the lake on a non-holiday weekend. (Higgins bound tonight!)
105. Have pizza at the CLB.
106. Relax. (ha!).

Okay, that’s 76 things left on this list. Let me just add today’s list of to do’s for good measure:
– Water plants
– Grocery shopping for Higgins Lake
– Post Office
– Jan’s Dry Cleaners
– Pack for Upnorth
– Move paint supplies to the garage
– Pick up the boat registration
– Oil Change
– Call Budget Blinds