The Girls: A Better Glimpse

Not gonna lie, even looking back through these pictures it occurs to me: that wasn’t easy. Three girls across the spectrum of ages — a pre-teen, a toddler and an almost three-month old infant. Learned a lot from shooting them, though. Everyone needs to have a snack or at least a full tummy and coordinating outfits/planning ahead DOES make good sense. If given the chance, I’d definitely do a lot of things differently on my end. Thankfully the kids are cute — so that made the event not suck in the end.


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Jay’s Girls: June 2011

My best friend from waaaaayyy back was in town in June and I took photos of her girls then. These are just a few that I’ve mulled through this far. More to come, of course, some random Friday night down the road when I sit and do this again…until then, Alivia, Stella and Amelia.

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