The New Car Search

Jon and I have been talking for awhile about the need for me to get a new car.

Well, wait.

I’ve been talking about how I want to drive a bigger car, because with two kiddos and a life to lead, I can’t handle my Saturn Vue as my mode of transportation anymore.

I talked about buying a used SUV. Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon. Our friends Frank and Andrea have a Yukon Denali XL and that’s what I wanted. I was going to look for a new-to-me one (aka used). That’s been the plan in my head.

Then, today I went to test drive a Dodge Durango on my lunch hour. My Mom got a Dodge Dart awhile back and it’s awesome. So, it occurred to me that since I REALLY wanted a third row in my new vehicle, I could look at the Durango.

And I liked the Durango.

Except, the second row is a standard bench seat. And when you get in and out of it, the back of your pants brushes on the side of the car, so you always have that annoying dirt spot on the back of your work pants.

I liked the Durango.

But with those two things, the fact that they wouldn’t give me more than what I owed on my Vue and that I don’t get any discounts on the vehicle, we looked at leasing. That, and they didn’t have the color I wanted (black). So – I made a call to our neighbor who works at the Chevrolet dealership owned by some people who are also members at the golf course.

I told Dick that I wanted to drive something with third row seating, like a Tahoe or something. He says “But a Traverse is a MUCH better deal – that’s what you want to drive”. And, I would have believed him to be just selling me crap. Except that Jon had pretty much said the same thing to me.

The Durango really only had six-person seating. I really wanted seven. The Traverse comes with everything I want and I can BUY it outright – which was the whole point that Jon and I wanted to get away from having two car payments at the same time (we each bought our cars within a few months of each other and we’re staring down our final nine payments right now).

BUT – my mother-in-law drives a Traverse.

We’re going to have twin cars…I suppose since it’s a GOOD CAR with EVERYTHING I WANT (dual sunroofs, heated seats, heated steering wheel, 7 passenger seating, navigation system, the mirror alert system, in black with black leather interior) I can’t care.


We located a car, for the right price, with all the amenities I wanted. Only thing, it was at a different dealership. So, anyway, I got the call tonight that we’re getting the car.

So, tomorrow I’ll have a new ride. 2014 I’ll be bumming around town in my new ride. It will not be the Tahoe/Yukon of my dreams. It will, however, be incredibly warm in the winter and COOL in the summer…oh yeah, did I mention it has cooled seats, too?!



Week 15, Day 2

Due Date: June 22, 2014

Baby Developments:
¬†The average fetus at week 15 weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 4 inches — and his proportions are becoming even more normal, since his legs now outmeasure his arms.

Baby’s making lots of progress: His joints and limbs can all move now, and he might even be hiccuping in there. (From thebump)


Weight Gain:¬†Ugh. Not pretty. Holiday eating has the scale my enemy. And I have been absolutely NOT active in ages. So, weight gain…+10 total for 15 weeks. Not. Good.¬†

Cravings: None.

Symptoms:¬†Tiredness. That’s really about it.¬†

I am loving: Finally being able to feel a distinct difference in the ‘bump’ that is starting to become more and more obvious. I’m looking forward to feeling those first legitimate movements. I would have sworn I felt flutters in week 13. And maybe a few here and there when I’m laying in bed at night, but typically I fall asleep fast and I don’t pay that much attention. So, I’m looking forward to that.¬†

Sleep: Lots, still. 

I miss:¬†I missed partying it up with the family the other night at our house for Christmas celebration. We always have a great time partying together. But, my Aunt Jenny brought AWESOME drinks to make ‘virgin’ for me and I LOVED not being hungover the next day. I was so productive, I got all of our Christmas put away!!!¬†

I am looking forward to:¬†Next doctor’s appointment on New Year’s Eve day; getting back to a normal schedule; getting our house re-arranged so that we can start getting really ready for another human to live at our house ūüôā¬†

I am spazzing about:¬†Getting everything ORGANIZED. Looking for apps or systems that will help me feel more in control of things. Not so much schedules, but the daily in’s and out’s of running a home when both parents work full-time. Would like to get some habits made now so it’s not ALL new when the new baby comes.¬†

Best moment of the week:¬†So, so many with Christmas time here. Elle was a ton of fun and such a good girl throughout. She wasn’t whiny or clingy most of the time and she was just fun to be around. She wasn’t consumed by the presents (which she received TONS of, by the way) and she was just fun to share the time with. And, I like the distinct difference in my body of being pregnant – makes me feel more confident.¬†

Milestones:¬†Not sure we’ve hit any. Only 25 weeks to go. Seems like not that much really.¬†

Movement:¬†See above. I swear I felt some but probably was just gas. But – I’m still thinking I COULD and DO feel some small things here and there. On the whole, none to report though.¬†

It’s a….: healthy baby with a heartbeat!

Exercise: Not much.

Diet: Terrible throughout the holidays. 

Goals for the upcoming week:¬†Get all Christmas GIFTS sorted and make a plan for what furniture is going to go where. It will likely need to get moved this coming weekend since Jon will have 3 days off in a row and that’s likely not going to happen again anytime soon.¬†

“Well, What Are You?”

The other night, on the night that the cable and Internet were out (we didn’t lose power like so many other people over the Christmas holiday) Jon, Elle and I played running around the house and tickling and hide and seek.

It was impromptu and fun.

In the midst of the tickle game on the couch, I asked Elle, who had been saying “I goosy [goofy]” for a few days if she was goosy.


“Are you silly then?” I ask.


“Well, what are you?”

“I happy.”

And with that she was off, running over the couch, launching over the end of the arm rest and onto the floor.

Melt. My. Heart.

Work Is Easier

In my opinion, working all day is waaaay easier than playing my role as “Mom” all day long to Elle.

This occurs to me often, but tonight it really did while I was rocking Elle to bed, thinking about how today was so polar opposite to yesterday, how I loved hearing about her day, that it diversified my day because she and I did different things and I got to hear about all the fun things she did. As awful and guilt-creating as it may be to admit it out loud, I really like going to work away from my daughter for time during the day. I’m not saying I love working 9 hours and rushing to drop her off and pick her up from daycare. Not that at all. I wish I got to spend more time with her. But honestly, after spending a full weekend with her without a break, I’m ready for her to go to school and me to go work on Monday morning (some weeks, just for her to go to school and me to enjoy the house to myself…). And you know what, I’m kind of okay with admitting this. I’m confident enough (at least today – tonight…) that I can say it and not feel guilt.

My life at work is easier than negotiating and trading out M&M’s for pee in the potty.

My life at work is easier than battling a two year old to sit still long enough to change a diaper.

Budget negotiations and planning at work is far easier than convincing my toddler, when we “Feed the Pig” (piggy banks) at night and I try to show the differences between quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies (color, shape, size, etc.) that it is anything other than ‘monnny’. She’s right. It is money. It is also a quarter. No, monnny. Right, it’s a quarter but it’s also monnny. No, monnny. Yes, you’re right, it’s money.

At work, I sometimes get to be right. In toddler negotiations, I never am.

At work, while some of my day to day responsibilities are the same, in my work as a Mom, they’re ALWAYS the same (I’m exaggerating a little, of course). Fight to brush hair. Fight to brush teeth. Fight to change clothes. Debate breakfast. Debate dinner. Debate diaper changes. Debate M&M’s on trade for pee in the potty. Of course, there are the cuteness items thrown in which differ day to day, but the standby’s are there.

So if I had the choice, I don’t know that I would ever choose to stay home and raise my child/children exclusively all day. I don’t think I’d be good at it. I’m good at working for part of my day and I’m good at being a Mom part of my day. But I don’t think I’d be good at either one of them if I didn’t have the other.

And I’m oddly ok with that.

OMG, The Tantrums!

Elle is normally a great girl. She really is. She’s mainly happy and funny and fun to be around.

But today.

Oh today.

It started last night. I had euchre league (yes, there really is such a thing) so Jon was on nighttime routine duty. However, by using the word ‘routine’ I need you to think of it more like we typically try to get Elle in pajamas and into bed before us. That’s about all the routine we have at this stage of the game.

But, he was on duty.

I got home at 10 p.m. to Elle and Jon in our bed, her watching iPad and Jon watching the backs of his eyelids. Sherriff Callie’s Wild Wild West just doesn’t do it for Jon I guess.

I suggested that I put her to bed, since it was WAAAAY past her bedtime. Jon says ‘no, she’ll fall asleep’.

Against my better judgement, I gave in.

Get this – Elle has NEVER been a kid who will just fall asleep on your shoulder. She doesn’t get wiped out. She goes and goes and parties and parties until she begins to get slightly cranky (maybe) but most of the time, she is just fine to keep going. Until you take her out of the action (in this case, Disney Junior) and into her room and into bed.

So, I was fighting with Minted about our holiday card order and was tracking some other online purchases for the holidays. I was writing a blog post. And then, I was listening to our two year old talking back to her iPad.

It was 11 o’clock.

I sprang from my chair and took the next 20-30 minutes to get her to sleep. Ugh.

And I knew this morning would be bad. But it was worse even than I could have imagined.

There was kicking and screaming and hyper-ventilating crying. I got a new diaper on her before she opened her eyes, so that was easy. I got new pants on before she knew what was going on. I managed to strong arm my way into getting a new shirt on her (she still HATES changing clothes the way she has since the day she was born). And that was about it. No hair brushed, no teeth brushed. Because all she would say is ‘no no nononononononono’. Then there was trying to get shoes, a hat, mittens, a coat on her and out the door. I just willed it to be. It was not pretty. And we got to school on time. But then, she broke down when I tried to leave her at school.

So, it was a rough morning. Walking into my office, I thought ‘ok, choose your attitude now because this morning has no bearing on your co-workers’. Ugh. That’s a new conversation with myself.

My toddler ruined my morning, well before 8:30 a.m.

Ultimately, when I picked her up tonight at day care they said she’d had a great day (I was shocked!). That she had napped really well (unusual for her, but not surprising given the circumstances) and that she was the only girl with a bunch of boys today and had loved it and even taken one on the cheek (had to sign off on the form as a result).

My Dad has texted me on my way to pick Elle up that we could come there for dinner. Jon wasn’t home from work yet, I had no plans for dinner and taking the threat of cooking something out of my brain function was appreciated.

And then – after dinner – Elle did the SAME act as she’d done this morning. Only this time, there were witnesses. Grandma and Papa and they were trying very hard to get her to be her normal happy-go-lucky gal. And it was NOT happening for any of us. Finally I just told them to get out of my way and I was going to win.



In other news, by the time we got the nine houses to our house, she was still freaking out. She wanted her Dad, she wanted her Mumma, she wanted her Grandma and her Papa. I decided she wanted a new diaper, pj’s and bed. And that’s what she got. And that’s where she is now – two hours into what I HOPE will be a great night of sleep for us all.



Baby Too: Week 12, Day 2

Due Date: June 22, 2014
*This is the same day that I miscarried twins in 2013. Eerie and full circle all at the same time.

Baby Developments:¬†The average fetus at week 12 is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces. Now that she’s got pretty much all her parts, her main job is to keep on growing. While she’s doing that,¬†she’s also developing her reflexes — if you poke your belly, she’ll likely move, and she’s opening and closing her fingers and curling her toes. (From thebump)


Weight Gain: Steady. Had gained a net total of exactly five pounds at the 11 week, 3 day appointment (so, a week ago). Felt pretty good about that.

Cravings: Water. Fruit. Vegetables.

Symptoms: Still tired, but slowly getting past that. The nausea has subsided for the most part, but eating fruit still helps keep it at bay.

I am loving: The fact that my regular old pants still fit and have room in them. And that my size smaller pants are still fitting. I don’t get it. It made me curious at the doctor appointment last week, and the nurse practitioner said that there’s something in there because my uterus is up where it wouldn’t be if there weren’t a baby in there.

Sleep:¬†Fine. Wish I could force myself to not hit snooze and to wake up an hour earlier every day. I think I’d be a better person for it, but once I’m asleep, waking up is hard to do.

I miss:¬†Cocktails. It’s going to be a long ride if I’m missing them already. I am not missing the hangover-after-one-drink thing but I do miss enjoying a drink. I have all this wine and liquor and it’s a shame to not be able to drink at Christmas.

I am looking forward to: Christmas with family and friends. Love this time of year.

I am spazzing about:¬†Nothing really. Finalizing Christmas shopping. Wrapping presents. Planning our family Christmas party with my Mom’s family.

Best moment of the week:¬†Last week, seeing the heartbeat and getting a healthy baby report. It honestly was something that I didn’t understand how apprehensive I was. After the N.P. and the doctor walked out after the ultrasound, I just broke down sobbing. It was cathartic and sad all at once. I realized I was still sad about having miscarried and relieved that I hadn’t with this pregnancy. Weird, but true.

Milestones: Hello, second trimester!

Movement: None. From the baby or me. My sciatica/sciatic is a bugger a lot of the time. Makes me feel like I have a still leg/pain in the ass at all times. Sweet.

It’s a….: healthy baby with a heartbeat!

Exercise: Not much.

Diet: Eating the same ol’ stuff I always do.

Goals for the upcoming week: Wrap Christmas presents. Clean the house.

Baby Too: Week 6, Day 5

Well, I have now known for over THREE weeks that I’m pregnant. The “Circle of Trust” remains my Mom and two girlfriends. And Jon, of course. And that’s it. Weird.

After the miscarriage earlier this year, ¬†I find myself saying things like “if I’m still pregnant in January” or “welp, I’m still pregnant today”. I am going to try changing my mindset and thought blogging (or at least writing these to publish at a later date might help. That, and I’ve been feeling uber-nauseous lately and I didn’t remember feeling that way when pregnant for Elle, only to go back and read through blog posts tonight and realize how completely queasy I was constantly.

So, here is a weekly update to start things off.

Due Date: June 21 2014*
*Have not been to the doctor to confirm, but my cycle is like clockwork, so I’m pretty sure that’ll be the day.

Baby Developments:¬†Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin. Those little hands and feet- still webbed like paddles- might wiggle by week’s end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours!), and blood is starting to circulate. (From thebump)

Week 6: Baby is the size of a sweet pea.

Week 6: Baby is the size of a sweet pea.

Weight Gain:¬†Fluctuating. At times during the day, I can be at starting weight. At some points, I can be 10 pounds heavier than that. Right now, I’d say I’m about 2-3 pounds gained for real-weight (not water weight).

Cravings: Water. Coolness. Sprite Zero.

Symptoms: Complete queasiness at all times except from about 7:30 am Р10 am. Completely tired and ready for sleep most nights by 8 pm.

I am loving: The difference in Jon this time around, already. He sort of seems to ‘get it’ more I think. Though I do think he forgot how queasy I was the last time (I did too, though) and how tired this being pregnant thing can make you (I did not forget that part). But, I get the sense that Jon’s level of excitement is as high now as it was towards the end of pregnancy with Elle.

Sleep: Had two weird dreams last night. One that I quit my job, not because I was mad, but just because I was done working. To the point that I wondered when I woke up this morning if I had a job to go to. Also had a dream that the old swimming coach from Alma College pierced my ears so that I could have two holes in both ears. He did it with a sewing needle. Bizarre. But, sleep is ok. I get up pretty often to pee and Elle wakes up at least once a night still.

I miss:¬†Not holding back – I wish that I felt more comfortable talking about being pregnant. We were at Jon’s cousins wedding this weekend and were with his brother and sister-in-law the entire weekend and we didn’t tell them. I am just not comfortable yet. Though this pregnancy already feels different than the last one when I miscarried, I’m still just anxious. We haven’t told Jon’s parents either. I wanted to say so last night when I was having dinner with them (Jon is working out of town) but I didn’t think that was fair to Jon. So, I miss being able to have everyone share in this excitement, but also feel like if I can just make it past that eight week mark, I’ll be more comfortable telling our very close family.

I am looking forward to:¬†The first doctor’s appointment. The intake appointment isn’t until Nov. 25 and the first appointment won’t be until well after that, so I’ll likely be on the cusp of the second trimester by the time I see the doctor and an ultrasound. I really am looking forward to the heartbeat part of that ultrasound.

I am spazzing about:¬†Just work-related stuff. It is our busiest time of the year at work and my signature event, Deer Widows Weekend, is in two weeks. Plus, I’m on the board at our country club and I’m launching a new point of sale system in two days. I’m slightly overwhelmed with it all. Which is manifesting itself as a very itchy scalp. Sa-weet.

Best moment of the week:¬†Enjoying two nights in a row with Jon while at Laurie and Daniel’s wedding. Him working out of town for the last two months has been un-fun.

Milestones: None.

Movement: None from baby and none from me. Well, a few walks here and there but nothing notable. If I could stay up past 8 pm it might help.

It’s a….: baby.

Exercise: Not much.

Diet: Eating the same ol’ stuff I always do.

Goals for the upcoming week:¬†Choose light fixtures for the outside of our house (we’re in the midst of a pretty big facelift to the house). Go to Bronner’s for the Department 56 event this weekend. Make smoothies at home in my new Ninja blender.